You cannot rewrite history: Truth is revealed in the event of Golden Dawn regarding the criminal action of communists at Greece and Spain-Photography

Wednesday, 6 December 2017 - 03:16

Throngs of people in assemblage of Golden Dawn for the communistic mutinies that spread the hatred in Greece and Spain.

Under utter success took place the event of Golden Dawn for the incidents at December in Greece and the Leader of the Spanish Phalanx, Hose Antonia Primo de Rivera. Well, the match point in these two historical facts was the attempt of the communists to fill with blood these two European countries, in order to take the power, for Stalin’s sake.

The event was prolonged by Comrade Ilias Kasidiaris, who mention the despicable crimes of communists against the Greeks during the Occupation of Greece, where EAM-ELAS instead of resistance, occupied with the termination of the non-communistic organizations of resistance. He also mentioned the historical contribution of the Heroes of Syntagma Makrygiannis, since thanks to them we did not turned into a land of Stalin.

Afterwards, Comrade Evaggelos Karakostas referred extensively to the incidents at December, regarding the contribution of New Democracy to the current reign of communism, from the legalization of KKE to the agreement of SYRIZA and ND in every antinational legislation.

Comrade also mentioned the reason behind the armed assault of the communists, which is their servitude to the English, who always aspired Greece to be submissive, with no demands. He also mentioned the sad incidents with the communists at December of 1944 and the battle at Syntagma Makrygianis, making clear the fact that the National Resistance came from those who crushed communism at Thision, to Grammos and Vitsi.

Afterwards, a video regarding the Spanish Phalanx, their fights against the communist in Spain, and the cowardly murdered Leader of the Phalanx, Hose Antonio Primo de Rivera was broadcasted.

The video was followed by the speech of Comrade Dimitris Tsaraklimanis, who referred to the story of Hose Antonio Primo de Rivera and the Spanish Phalanx, who fought all forces the communists in Spain.

He narrated the story of the grate Spanish Nationalist, from the legacy of his father, to his own political achievements, the creation of Phalanx and his execution from the coward communists. Well this execution did not harm Phalanx, since –and they cannot understand it- Nationalism is an Idea and the Ideas cannot die, or get jailed.

Afterwards, the Leader of Golden Dawn, Nikolaos Michaloliakos connected the incident in Greece at December of 1944 and in Spain, in the Civil War, where the communists were raw and barbarian, yet they received the proper answer from the Nationalists, the youth of the world.

The Leader also referred to the dreary stance of New Democracy, who “respect the fights o the Left wing”. Of course they have nothing in common with the Nationalists, since they always dream to take their voters.

They do not only respect the struggles of the left side, they have become the same. The Leader made it clear that we have no relation with the “right” professional politicians. We are Fighters! They are scared even to serve in the Armed Forces.

Regarding December of 1944, he noted that the communists probably anticipated their defeat, they did however their “international duty”, they kept the Front at Balkans, for the expansion of the influence of Soviet Union. In simple words, they spilt the blood of Greeks, to reinforce the power of Stalin.

The event ended with everyone chanting the National Anthem and the Hymn of Golden Dawn.