Yes! It’s all our fault! Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Monday, 16 April 2018 - 22:50

Yes! It’s all our fault! Article of N.G. Michaloliakos


We live in the times of the ultimate absurdity, in the “open society” of the antinationalist and the market society of the liberals, who deny their Homeland, for the shake of profits and interests. 

The leftists pretend to be great “democrats”, yet they praise the harshest and bloodiest tyranny of all times, of bolshevism! Against stands only Golden Dawn. The responsible for the selling-out of our Homeland agree that some among them in the Parliament but also in society, are their ultimate enemies, and these are no other than the members of Golden Dawn, who fight proudly against everyone with self-sacrifice and faith to a national state, a state with faith, pride and dignity!

According to them all, we are “fascists”, the ultimate evil since the political changeover, according to late Renos Apostolidis. Yet, what do they mean with the words “fascists” and “fascism”? Nothing, concerning Italy of the interwar, with whom the Greek Nationalist of 21st century have nothing to do. In addition, historically, the Greek nationalists and the regime of the 4th of August fought the Italian fascism. On the other side, after the political changeover, marxists and liberals imposed a dictatorship in the political sphere, so the term “fascism” was identifies with everything unjust, inhuman violent. 

However, in the 73 years of the history of the humanity, after the end of WWII, took place tens, hundreds of wars, where murders and slaughters happened, but these wars were not waged by fascist or nazi regimes, but by “democrats” and bolshevists…Also, in our Homeland, Greece, from 1974 till today, with the accountability of New Democracy, the left side rules the public life! So, we are not “fascists” and we do not say so in order to apologize, or be included in a “antifascist” front, but simply because this term does not express us neither ideologically, nor politically. According to fascism the state is prior to nation, but we believe in the Nation and we choose the side of the father of Greek Nationalism, Ion Dragoumes, who stresses that when the state is against the Nation, then state must be annihilated!

“Down with the state, long live the Nation”

So, who the Greek Nationalists of 2018, the Comrades of Golden Dawn, can be faithful to an anti-national state (marxist  or liberal), which fights the Values of the Nation, the Faith to Orthodox Christianity, the sacred tradition of people, the principles of Hellenism? Well, no matter what they say, those who remain resistance towards the tyranny of bolshevists and liberals should know that the Comrades of Golden Dawn are neither fascist, nor nazi, but they are proud Greek Nationalists! 

They accuse Golden Dawn of being a nazi organization, yet they forget to mention that the regime of the 4th of August fought against the Germans, while the Soviet Union, the homeland of bolshevists, had an agreement for peace between Soviet Union and Berlin. We do not believe in any type of internationalism and whoever threatens our Homeland, we do fight him, whether he is nazi, democrat, or communist. 

Also, ten years ago, at 2008, I had written a book, about the German Occupation, Here is the excerpt: “During the German Occupation of Greece there were ruthless opportunists…It is certain that many people got rich during that occupation, while the names of their children are still included in the lifestyle magazines”. “The situation of our homeland changed dramatically at 1943. Back then started the massive executions of innocent civilians by Germans, at Kalavrita, Distomo and other villages of Greece” N.G. Michaloliakos: “From the ashes of Berlin…in Globalization”

Everything is all right in the country...

From the excerpt above is evident that our Movement definitely and completely denounces war crimes against our people from the German occupation troops and I write that long before the conspirators “Samaras-Venizelos” invent the “nazi criminal organization”. I wrote the above before 2013, when for two years the channels propagandized against Golden Dawn for innumerable hours!

The issue of our newspaper is the 1079th. I have written thousands of articles, almost 20 books, and there is nowhere in these innumerable pages a phrase, a single word saying that Germans did well for attacking Greece at 1041, yet they continue their calumniations. So, everything is all right in this country and the “democrats”, the liberals and the marxists have solved all the big problems. What if the country is bankrupt and has become a pariah in the international politics? These are details. For the, the important is the extinction of GOLDEN DAWN. That is their main objective…

All of them together agree in one thing, that GOLDEN DAWN must disappear from the public sphere, despite the fact that a respectable part of people follow them, no matter the mendacities and the calumniations. Yet, the fact that this antinational system battles us so harshly means that we are in the right path. According to them more or less, everything is our fault! We shall agree with them. It is our fault because he have not yet managed to release the country from the foreign suzerains, the immoral, the thieves and the traitors, who have lent the Homeland of Greece in this level of degeneration. Yes, it is our fault and we strive to put an end to that. 

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn