With our Flag marching to the way of Ideals - Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Wednesday, 8 May 2019 - 00:56

With our Flag marching to the way of Ideals - Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

This is the way of Golden Dawn-Half million new voters aged 17-21 years old can set “fire” on the political sphere

We get closer and closer to the elections of the 26th of May, for the election of Members of the European Parliament and the election of mayors and regional presidents throughout the country. Even though the polemics against Golden Dawn grow fiercer than ever, the proud Comrades of Golden Dawn strive for the best, under extremely undemocratic conditions and the deceitful rhetoric from both New Democracy and SYRIZA.

Few days ago, the chairman of New Democracy, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, officially announced Kairidis as a candidate for the European elections. A branded antinationalist, Nikos Dimou, wrote an article at the newspaper “Vima” regarding Mr. Kairidis: “I write this article to defend a specific stance, so I use Mr. Kairidis as example, or a model if you like it better. As much I can predict listening to his words, this man presents all the assets I could ask from MEP…Because these are the deputies for the E.U. we want. MEPs that will prioritize Europe over their country.” Well, Nikos Dimou and New Democracy want this kind of MEP, MEPs that will serve the Brussels syndicate and the usurers over Greece, a country ruined by the usurers. 

Kairidis and the “professional patriots”

As for Kairidis, there was not a single protest from the MEPs and the members of New Democracy, who present themselves as “defenders of Macedonia” and patriots! They head to the European Elections along with Kairidis, without the slightest shame or protest, being politically mute and coward…

I may remind that Kairidis has stated that Greece is an artificial state like the state of “Macedonski” or that Greeks are children of Ottomans and so many more, without taking back a word …In fact, he wrote an article in the newspaper “TA NEA” under the title “The dirty lies come from dirty people”. This article was published in page 28 and there was not a single word about his statements regarding our Nation. Evidently, when someone votes for New Democracy and Kairidis, the previous director of Kokalis institution, he automatically agrees to the notions that “Greeks are children of the Ottomans” and that “Macedonia was not Greek, it became Greek”. And his article above leaves no excuse. 

On the other hand, there are also some professional “patriots” who attempt to make a political career by insulting and calumniating GOLDEN DAWN and who want the votes of the Greek patriots. Well, if they were united they could do something. However they have formed five different political parties and none of them will ever reach even 3%. A vote to them is not only LOST, it goes straight to New Democracy, the first political party. Therefore, no patriot or nationalist has an excuse to not vote for GOLDEN DAWN, the only Nationalist power that resists against all those marxists and liberals who deny the existence of our Nation.

528.996 new voters

In the upcoming elections, a new condition will change everything. It is about the new voters, who will vote towards the extremes and the “extreme” that scares them the most is undoubtedly GOLDEN DAWN. More specifically, the 17years old citizens that will vote for the first time in 2019 reach the number of 106.760. Add on them the young citizens between 18 to 21 years old who will also vote for the first time and in total 528.996 citizens will vote for the first time!

So, more than 500.000 young people have the right to vote and this new parameter is about to crush the political establishment, since the “lords” of the public sphere are aware of the fact that GOLDEN DAWN is extremely popular among young people. In a recent opinion poll (published at “NEA” at the 20th April of 2019) of Metron Analysis the intention of vote among the age of 17-21 is the following: SYRIZA 21,6%, ND 15,5%, GOLDEN DAWN 9,6%). Is that true though? Well, we present another poll of the same company a month ago, according to which among the young aged between 17-34 GOLDEN DAWN is the second most popular political party reaching 15,9 %, while SYRIZA reaches 15,4 %, KKE 4,4% and New Democracy 21,8%! In simple words, Golden Dawn fell from 15, 9% to 9, 6% within a month! 

The way of Ideals

Of course the above is nothing than an obvious lie, since an article of a webpage that favors New Democracy has the title “Kyriako (the chairman of ND) talk to the young” and wonders about “what the politicians have to say to the young citizens, the most important part of the Greek society, since their arguments are mostly directed to the pensioners?” 

Unfortunately for democracy, there are only two political parties presenting a persuasive rhetoric towards the youth: KKE and GOLDEN DAWN. This is proved by numerous opinion polls regarding the intention of voters under the age of 20.”

Honestly, the politicians of SYRIZA, ND and PASOK what have to say to young people? As for the popularity of the communist party to the Greek Youth (according to a liberal reporter!), in the opinion poll of February 2019, GOLDEN DAWN reaches a percentage of 15, 8 % among the young citizens, while KKE only 4, 4%! The political establishment fears something specific and its name is GOLDEN DAWN, since it constitutes the only political movement genuinely born from the people, according to a statement of a former minister of PASOK.

And this Movement survived through bans, imprisonments and attacks and continues to move forward! The professional politicians have nothing to say to all the young Greeks who rot in poverty, in a world without ideals. Kyriakos has nothing to say to them. Only us, the Comrades of GOLDEN DAWN can reach the Greek Youth, offer them a Flag and give them a chance to raise this Flag and follow the way of Ideals.

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s League-Golden Dawn