Why Samaras will not find the 180 MPs – Article by Ilias Kasidiaris

Wednesday, 10 December 2014 - 04:32

Why Samaras will not find the 180 MPs – Article by Ilias Kasidiaris

As the addition is the simplest operation, we will prove with a few simple additions why Samaras should forget the 180 MPs and prepare himself for a new composition of the Parliament in March with dozens Golden Dawner MPs, maximum 50 New Democracy MPs and himself as a simple MP of Messinia. Note that Venizelos has already stopped making "midsummer night’s dreams", he knows that there is no possibility of electing President of the Hellenic Republic by the current Parliament and he is preparing himself to crush Samaras, although he owes him his political survival and freedom (see scandal of submarines, concealing of the thief-PASOK for Siemens and so on).

Venizelos is a “political cockroach” that survives even after a nuclear war. He should already be in prison and the millions he received as bribes for the armaments should have been confiscated. Instead he pretends to be the Prime Minister and stabs in the back Samaras stating that elections must be held and people speak. The other great shifter Tsipras, who would put in prison Venizelos, rushed to meet him and sanctify him, sending the message of survival of the construct of the thief-PASOK even after the elections and its upcoming debacle. But let’s get back to the 180…

The right move is not to start counting possible defectors, but the certain votes. I open parenthesis: I do not consider right the term defector. It would be better called a traitor, whoever was elected as “anti-memorandum” and is now ready to give the kiss of life to the corpse of Samaras. The traitor of the people’s mandate, which he received and now sells out for a few pennies. These persons are so cheap, that they will be satisfied with their parliamentary salary flowing for a year even in case of apostasy. Parenthesis closes.

Let’s start counting the negative votes (NO) targeting the 121. The parliamentary group of the Golden Dawn consists of 16 MPs. SYRIZA’s of 71 and KKE’s of 12. Total 99 MPs. The ruined DIMAR of Barba -Fotis-Fanouris Kounelis has 10, but we exclude the three Samaras’ hares that signed the ludicrous text of apostasy (Tsoukalis, Founta and Psirras) and 7 are left. Kammenos has 11 after leaving Melas and his return to the corral of ND (from which he had never really left). Total 117. Let’s add now the independent MPs who have sworn that they will not vote. Yatagana, who declared that “Even if God comes down I will not vote”. Voudouris, who is ready to go to SYRIZA, after he led SYRIZA’s electoral combination in the Peloponnese. Parastasiadis, who gives interviews to the “Dawn” (Avgi) and has been promoted in view of elections and Tzakri, who has been anointed by the movement of the new PASOKers. Do not forget Rachel Makri. Already counted loosely 122.

Those who have left open the possibility to vote for President of the Hellenic Republic we compile them to the positive votes (YES), even though as corrupt will wait until the end to see the progress. Once they see that Samaras collapses, they will become again "revolutionaries", will tear tights and memoranda and say NO. We consider Alexopoulos to vote YES as this is his only chance to keep taking some more salaries (too much money…). Boukouras is a special case. He will be really tragic if he supports those who keep him illegally in prison for one year, since he knows that in case of trial he will be acquitted solemnly. So, all these arguments will be evaluated by the attitude of the deputies remaining integrated in the parliamentary groups of Kammenos and Mr. Fotis. They refused to sign the stupid paper of apostasy and keep their cards closed.

The only case for election of the President is the total dissolution of ANEL and DIMAR and the massive defection of their MPs. Most immediate goal of the gang of ND is those of Kammenos, who comes from the corral of the dead-right. Up to now the Voridis-Stamatis duo that sets up arranged marriages, has completely failed. That’s why they have loosened the unique defector Melas waffling for 5-6 others who supposedly will vote for President, without naming them. The same reports the government’s “Proto Thema” and publishes yellow photos of Kountoura, one with Voultepsi, one with Stamatis etc. All this nonsense demonstrates the panic of Samaras who sees the train leaving and Merkel waving her scarf. The imaginative scenarios for defection could be applied if Samaras canceled the Memorandum, drove away the troika and carried out all the stories he has lavishly been telling the past few months. Now that the six-month extension of Memorandum (which will soon be twelve-month) is certain, the case “apostasy” has already collapsed.

Within all these of course, do not forget that always lurks the “accident”, i.e. an unexpected political event that will turn upside down the coalition government and lead to a definitive wreck the anti-Greek plans of Samaras for eternal extension of memoranda and betrayal.

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