Why Golden Dawn! - Article by N. G. Michaloliakos

Friday, 19 April 2019 - 20:25

Why Golden Dawn! - Article by N. G. Michaloliakos

Less than two months remain until the Municipal, Prefectural, and the European Parliamentary elections. The whole system, the sinful and guilty system, is against GOLDEN DAWN. And this system includes, of course, the polling companies, which resemble the old “jukebox “, in which you put a coin and you chose the song of your choice. Thus, we see in newspapers and television stations controlled by New Democracy, the results of polls that are appealing to New Democracy, and exactly the opposite in the media controlled by SYRIZA. However, there is a point they totally agree on: to try and hit GOLDEN DAWN in every possible way.

A recent example is the poll of the newspaper “VIMA” for the Municipality of Athens; even though all the columnists and all the “antifascist” candidates emphasize that a struggle is necessary so that Comrade Kasidiaris will not come second and claim the Municipality in the second round, the pollsters classify him as... fourth!

Nevertheless, the qualitative elements of this poll show an extremely interesting element. Among the voters who define themselves as Rightwing in political affiliation, GOLDEN DAWN’s candidate comes first with the overwhelming percentage of 39%, and this confirms what I have written before and I repeat here, that GOLDEN DAWN is today the People's Right, with which New Democracy has not any relationship, since it is recruiting candidates from the left, PASOK and “Potami”.

The same goes for the polls for the European elections, in which we see the dead PASOK resurrected, and these shameless fraudsters do not care that in a few weeks they will be refuted! And why should they care? Is it the first time they turn out to be unreliable? Is there a Prosecutor to intervene in all these monster polls that brutally interfere in public life?

Apart from the opinion polls, there are also many real and essential reasons why a Greek patriot and nationalist should vote for GOLDEN DAWN:

A) Because GOLDEN DAWN has proven during the last hard years, years of imprisonment, persecution, murder and terrorist attacks, that it is unyielding and does not bow the head.

B) Because GOLDEN DAWN is the only party that fought hard against the Prespa agreement that sells out Greek history, and will never accept it.

C) Because GOLDEN DAWN never supported the memoranda of N.D., PASOK or SYRIZA, as opposed to some politically non-existent members of the system, who are orphans of the parties of the memoranda, and who exist only in order to insult and steal votes from GOLDEN DAWN.

Voting for all these professional “nationalists” is literally a waste of time, since none of them will ever reach the 3% voting threshold!

D) Because GOLDEN DAWN has a political proposal for Europe and its speech is perfectly aligned with the revolutionary speech of the nationalists that struggle against the monster of the Europe of the usurers, and they are fighting for the new Europe of the Fatherlands.

E) Because GOLDEN DAWN is a proposal of Honor and Struggle in these difficult times, since it places the supreme Idea of ​​the Nation against the ethnic nihilism of the Marxists and the Liberals, and it fights for the Flag and the Ideals!

Because each one of you that will stand on the side of GOLDEN DAWN will be able to say that in these unfortunate and yielding times, they remained standing and fighting.

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary-General of People’s League – Golden Dawn