Who were in Syntagma Square? Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Friday, 16 February 2018 - 21:12

Who were in Syntagma Square? Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

The assemblage of February 4th of 2018 in Syntagma Square is an incidat6e possible to reverse the political sphere and this will be obvious in the next months. Of course, those that assembled in Syntagma Square were not only 140.000 and it is important to note that this assemblage did not have a strong organized structure in order to reveal its massive size. Yet, who were those who constituted the throngs of people in this assemblage and which were the reason for their arrival? 

The political identity of the rally

Regarding this assemblage, took place an enquiry for the newspaper “TO VIMA” where we read the following: “The results of the enquiry of KAPA research are interesting, concerning the assemblage at Syntagma Square at Athens, at Sunday February 4, for the Macedonian issue. The results reveal people who belong in the right wing and protest for the offer of the name “Macedonia”, in any form, for the name of FYROM, in the negotiations between Skopje and Greece, under the supervision of M. Nimitz.”

So, the results of this inquiry reveal a lot…Regarding their political orientation, only 15% stated that belong to the left side, while 54% belong in the right side! Also interesting is the question about their vote at the referendum of 2015. According to the enquiry 52% votes NO, while only 24% voted YES. So, the majority of people in the assemblage were in the right side, while most of them vote no to the referendum of 2015. However, the official position of New Democracy at the referendum was YES…

So, it is obvious that the political identity of people in Syntagma Square at the 4th of February was national and among the right wing and the nationalism. This assumption is confirmed by the question regarding the institution these people trust more: well, 64% of people trust and find more reliable the army, while 55% of people trust the church. On the contrary most people have a negative outlook on the parliament, at the rate of 85%!

The reason why these people asse4mbled in Syntagma Square

Another critical question of this enquiry concerns the reason these people took part in this rally. In this question, people had to options. So, the main reason of their participation took the overwhelming rate of 87%. More specifically, 87% of these people were there in order to express their opposition towards the negotiations of the government in the Skopje issue. Yet, there were also other questions which indicate that the conditions for the corrupted political system are not good at all.

Precisely, 41% of the people declared that they took part in this rally in order to protest to the political system, while 29% aimed to reverse the political sphere! So, at the 4th of February, at 2018, took place in Athens a great assemblage of hundreds thousands of Greeks.

In these people, the leftists were the minority. The majority of these people do not rust the parliament, believe in the Army and the Church and are opposed to the political system. All these documents indicate that a new Political Movement is created. So, the question concerns the political party that expresses this political movement. The answer is yours…

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn