Who are those accusing us? And why do they do it?

Monday, 8 December2014 - 02:30

Who are those accusing us? And why do they do it?

Article of the illegally jailed comrade and Parliament Deputy of the A’ Piraeus region, Nikolaos Kouzilos

Samaras’s New Democracy, faithful employees of the “troika”, belonging to the “Sack of Athanasiou”, of the offshores,  of the Mihelakis’s amendments, of mason friendly Dendias, of party executives like Tobouloglou, of the black hole in the parties treasuries, of  false promises. 

PASOK, of Akis, of Venizelos, of the budget killer GAP, PASOK of Pagalos with whom, “we ate it together”. PASOK of Semitis, of the scandals, of the armaments, of the “making favors”, of the memorandum, of the selling off, of Tsoukatos who had confessed that he brought pay offs of SIEMENS to the Pasok Treasury. 

The left of jumping backwards, of anti-hellenism, of through the years continuous betrayal, of the non-government companies, of self-fitting in prosperity, of the shareholders of JP Morgan, of the bounced checks, of kissing up to the capitalists in order to gain the power.  The left “always hungry of authority” as characterized by our Leader.

The systematic KKE, with the KNAT to guard the parliament, the KKE of betrayal and internationalism, The KKE of “Kanellos” and “Sotiris”, of denial for checking his treasury.

ND-PASOK-LEFT, cover up each other, cover up the thefts, they have transformed the Hellenic Parliament to a place of transactions and cover-ups . All bearing  the responsibility for the worsening situation of our Country. All of them! And those who voted for the financial memorandums, and those who, with their silence they provide a “vote of trust”, and those who, with their silence covered up all the scandals.

Why they accuse us? Why they fight against us with such ferocity ?

Because we reacted, we did not become like them, because we did not become part of the system. Because they know, that we will make it a reality, what our Leader has promised: “The thieves will be in jail”

The criminal organizations of PASOK and ND want the Greeks subservient. No, this shall not pass. Golden Dawn awakened the Greeks, made a revolution in the souls and in their consciousness. The time has come to send them home and to put the crooks in jail! 

The Hellenic Nationalists, The Golden Dawn are not bending their head. We are not retreating! We hold a holy duty to our dead, George and Manos. And to the unborn, the future generations of Greeks!

Greeks, do not be afraid of the rottenness of Samaras! The great N. Kazatzakis in “Askitiki” reports: Do not bear the question: “Shall we win? Shall we be defeated?” “FIGHT!”

Έλληνα, πολέμα! Κάνε την επανάσταση σου, αναλογίσου την ευθύνη σου για το μέλλον της Ελλάδος. Έχουμε ιερό καθήκον να αντισταθούμε, να πολεμήσουμε.

The jail has not buckled us, the persecutions did not stop us!

That is why they prosecute us, that is why they fight us.


“The Hellenic Nationalists are ready for whatever it takes,  both exiles and jails.”

N. G. MICHALOLIAKOS – April 19th, 2013.

Nikolaos Kouzilos
Political Prisoner
Korydallos  Prison