Where is Golden Dawn? Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Monday, 27 August 2018 - 19:33

Where is Golden Dawn? Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

A month has passed since the tragedy at Mati and we are still counting dead! From the first moment GOLDEN DAWN rushed to aid our compatriots, who were devastated by this catastrophe, where the “Greek” state proved to one more to be inexistent and useless. 

The presence of members of Golden Dawn in the place of tragedy infuriated the system, so through their calumniations and lies tried once again to harm our Movement.

Is this the first time happening something like that? Of course not! Already at the 90ties there were these fairy tales about the scar on a female student, which proved to be a tattoo with her consent. Also, should we recall the long tales about our secret innumerable treasures and our personal arsenals? 

Lies, lies, lies, never ending lies in order to prevent a big part of Greek People from following GOLDEN DAWN and the fight for the salvation of the Nation!

Calumniation with the signature of Soros Foundation

But we may refer to the latest case, the last assault of the political establishment against Golden Dawn. After the great catastrophe, a British newspaper mentioned that members of Golden Dawn were arrested for pillaging the area of the tragedy. 

The excerpt of the article in the newspaper: “Greece’s far-right party Golden Dawn similarly sought to cover themselves in messianic glory. Members wearing party T-shirts appeared among the flames just long enough to provide a backdrop for their MP’s televised interview. He claimed they were filling in for a government he said had vanished. The true character of the Greek far-right was visible elsewhere. Three Golden Dawn members were arrested for looting the homes of the fire’s victims, while another 15 fascists attacked a group of migrants in Thessaloniki.”

It is important to note the man that wrote this article: A mister named Moschopoulos, who all or a sudden works in a program of George Soros foundation! It is no secret that the NGOs of Soros fight Golden Dawn, while according to Varoufakis Soros was worrying for the growth of GOLDEN DAWN in Greece eve r since 2012! So, a person working for George Soros writes an article with no evidence at all and this article is diffused instantly in mass media with no examination! 

Did they make any research? Of course not! Police officers always learn the name of the pillagers, so the journalists knew and purposely lied!   

Mass media-Mass propaganda

Which mass media? SYRIZA newspapers (Avgi, Efsyn), Indymedia (Anarchist website), Rizospastis (The communist newspaper) and also the “Parapolitika” station which supports N.D.! Even the Athens-Macedonia News Service shared this article:  “Revelations: The British newspaper reveals that three members of Golden Dawn were arrested for looting the area of the tragedy. The British newspaper mentions the contributions of prisoners, ROMA and immigrants who helped in any way. Yet Golden Dawn is against them. But also, our foreign “enemies”, the “Macedonian” government and Turkey sent help. Independent notes that this catastrophe reminds us that the real enemy is not our neighbors but those who spread fear and hatred. In the case of Attika, people denied the aid of Golden Dawn. The rest of the Europe maybe should reconsider before closing the door to those in need. On day, maybe they will find themselves in need.” 

Well, their lies know no boundaries and here is the whole story in short: an employee of Soros writes an article right form his fantasies, and the media in Greece diffuse these mendacities with no evidence, no examination, no shame. Even the public news agency shares this article deliberately in order to calumniate a political party! 

Lies shutter in front of truth

A whole month has passed since then…Where are the members of Golden Dawn that have been looting this part of Attica? Where are they? Did they vanish? In the end, the objective journalists of Greece why did they never reveal the truth? Why did they revised their articles? Simply because they get paid in order to lie against People, against Homeland, against Nation, against GOLDEN DAWN, the single national independent political movement. 

They think that with their lies they will harm an original Movement, the Movement of the Greek Nationalists of GOLDEN DAWN. They stick with this tactic because this tactic permits them a wealthy life…Well, they will never succeed in nothing, simply because no Movement with loyal Comrades has ever been defeated by lies. 

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn