When audacity has no limits! Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Wednesday, 21 February 2018 - 00:55

When audacity has no limits! Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Talking about unknown witnesses 

“…from this point, the more people will value money, the less they will value virtue…As long as the wealth and the rich will be glorified in this city, the virtue and the brave will be despised” PLATO-POLITIA XIII

Another scandal comes to light. The Novartis scandal. Is it the first? Of course not. And what happened with the Laguarde list and the other lists? Nothing. What happened with the stock market? Nothing. The emerging question is: the democracy gives birth to scandals or the scandals give birth to democracy? But is this political system democracy? The answer is obvious. The words of Plato regarding the city, the virtue and the wealth are sadly confirmed by the current situation in Greece. 

The wrath of ND for the unknown witnesses

I will not refer to the circumstances of the revelation of this scandal, only few days after the rallies for our Macedonia. However, those who are guilty, have to be punished. Will they be punished? We doubt about that… And our doubt derives from the incidents of the past times. 

As it is known, the case of Novartis scandal was not revealed in Greece but in USA, with the implication of FBI! There are also some “protected” witnesses. They did caused the wrath of New Democracy, since they talked about hooded witnesses! I could not help it, since my mind went back to October 2013, when under the orders of ND and PASOK, not only me, but all the deputies of GOLDEN DAWN were persecuted based on the testimonies of some unknown witnesses!

So, the audacious members of ND, dare to denounce the unknown witnesses! Among them, the chairman of ND, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, who stated: “The Justice must reveal her face towards the representatives of Greek People. I demand the immediate clarification of the Novartis came. Everything should come to light. But without hidden faces.” Mr. Mitsotakis should have known that we were also representatives of Greek People, when they cuffed us according to the testimonies of hidden witnesses. And yet, this happened with no reaction from the rotten political establishment, which never reacted to this dark scheme. There were only few exceptions among politicians and lawyers, who dared to denounce the conspiracy of the government Samaras-Venizelos.

Samaras knows nothing of…unknown witnesses!

However, Samaras surpasses any limit of audacity, the one who planned a whole conspiracy against Golden Dawn, with the following statement: “There is no democracy when politicians are persecuted by anonymous witnesses. That means that every time a political party becomes a government, it could vanquish the rival parties with fake trials. This is no modern democracy, this regime resembles Maduro’s Establishment.”! 

It seems that Antonis Samaras has forgotten the fact that during his “democracy”, when he was the prime minister, he organized a conspiracy with fake anonymous witnesses. The statement of the deputy and former minister of ND Miltiades Varvitsiotis is recent: “we made the trial of Golden Dawn”!!! As for their intentions, they are perfectly illustrated in the testimony of Panagiotis Baltakos, the General Secretary of Samaras’ government. So, the question is if this scandal will ever be purified! We wish to be wrong, but it is unlikely to happen…

The “rinsing” of the anomy will come with the legislation, in the article 86 (law for the responsibility of Ministers):1. Only the Greek parliament is entitled to persecute those who were members of the Government of Ministers, according to the law. The adoption of specific offense is prohibited.”

The legislation does not concern criminal offences 

The legislation is clear and refers to criminal offences during the duties of the ministers and we do not think that among the duties of the ministers are included the transactions with multinational companies and receives thousands of euros in suitcases in their offices! It is obvious that is about a misinterpretation of the law, since this a common criminal offence that has nothing to do with the ministerial duties. In fact, I demanded in my speech at the Parliament at February 1 of 2017, the abeyance of the legislation about the responsibility of ministers, but no one answered…

Yet, since they yell about their “innocence”, which will not be proves with the usual procedures, through the article 86, they could demand in a way their innocence: “paragraph 5. If, for any reason, the procedures regarding the persecution of a member of the government or a minister do not complete, then this person has the opportunity to ask from the Parliament the creation of a commission, with the participation of judiciaries, for the examination of the persecution”. So, gentlemen of ND and PASOK, you have the chance, instead of the lapse, to demand the creation of a special commission with the participation of superior judiciaries.   

Will you dare it? Here is your chance…

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn