What’s With The Games, International Money Lenders?

Friday, 2 January2015 - 17:35

What’s With The Games, International Money Lenders?

Immediately after the bombshell of new elections in Greece,  the IMF has withdrawn “aid” or discussion with Greece until a new government is elected in the country. 

The usurers of the International Monetary Fund told journalists that all negotiations with Greek authorities regarding the memorandum would continue only after the forming of a new government.

What is fascinating is that, presently, there was no agreement on a finance package for January, and IMF spokesman Gerry Rice also said: “Greece faces no immediate financing needs”.

So if there was no plan for financing, nor a need for it, why is the IMF making this “tough” announcement? By feigning unhappiness, the international finance gives SYRIZA an alibi to continue the Samaras-Venizelos same policies, even after promising to “tear up the memorandum”! 

With prolific meetings with international financiers and globalists looking to prey on Greece in NYC, London, Brussels, and Germany, it’s hard to think the media is still presenting SYRIZA as a “radical” alternative. The truth is that there is only one anti-memorandum-and truly independent-choice left, and that is Golden Dawn.