What’s going on with the votes of Golden Dawn? Article of N. G. Michaloliakos

Friday, 8 December 2017 - 20:23

What’s going on with the votes of Golden Dawn? Article of N. G. Michaloliakos

The exaggeration of misinformation, an article and our answer

The steady rise of Golden Dawn and the confession of an analyst in a television political show that there are secret voters of GOLDEN DAWN, who so not dare to state in an opinion poll what they will vote, have provoked the exaggeration of the misinformation from the media, who diffuse mendacities in newspapers and in television! 

A ridiculous article

So, there is an article at the newspaper “Filelefteros” that attempts to create confusion to those who insist to vote GOLDEN DAWN. The title of this article is: “The game with the votes of Golden Dawn”. Prompted by this article we have the chance to give the proper answers to the leaders of the political parties of the old sinful political establishment.

According to this article: “There is a political game with the far-right formation of Golden Dawn that awaits for the verdict of Justice regarding Roupakias and regarding the creation of a criminal organization. The above are totally ridiculous and illustrate the fact that those who write about us (without ever asking our opinion) have no clue about the case of our political party. No one is accused of creating a criminal organization! There is this legal paradox where specific people are accused of being members of a criminal organization, while no one is accused of creating this criminal organization! 

There is also another outrageous report in this article: “The decision of the Justice is expected the next months”. This is a total paradox…We are not done yet with the crown witnesses, the defending witnesses have not even started, it is about a monstrous trial from the aspect of size. Well, these people claim this trial will end the next few months! In reality, these people have no idea about the trial of Golden Dawn. They also mention the following: “In case of conviction, Alexis Tsipras will immediately react, in order to exploit this decision. It is sure that they will not allow the participation of Golden Dawn in the national elections, while the leading members will lose their political rights”!!!

The words of the journalist of this article reveal that he has total ignorance regarding this issue. The legality of the participation of Golden Dawn in the election has been already judged thrice from Arius Pagus and nothing is going to change before the final decision! Concerning the loss of political rights, this journalist should have known that according with the article 65 of the Penal Code the loss of political rights is possible after the final decision of the relevant case. In simple words, these people must be condemned at first instance, at second instance and then their appeal should be rejected by Arius Pagus and only then they lose their political rights. Are these unknown to the journalist of this article at this specific newspaper? Of course the writer of this article knows these things but he insists to write lies and mendacities, in order to incite those who vote GOLDEN DAWN not to vote anymore, because the MPs of this political party will lose their political rights (!). Well, this possibility is rather impossible, at least not at the next elections! 

They will crush Golden Dawn in order to give votes to Kammenos! 

However, the absurdity of this article does not stop at this point, since the journalist reports that thanks to the skillful manipulation of Tsipras, Kammenos will receive a gift, since the disappearance of Golden Dawn will lead to the survival of the political party of Kammenos (whose rates are almost non-existent), with the votes of Golden Dawn! 

So, they have a big problem about the future of the votes of Golden Dawn. Scenarios, mendacities, exaggerations and misinformation. And next to the political establishment there are some “patriots” who hope that the end of Golden Dawn will clear the way for them! Of course, it is about political zombies, who have no chance for survival yet they strive to harm, more than marxists and capitalists, the Popular Nationalistic Movement of Greeks, GOLDEN DAWN. Well, in reality they have done nothing.

Nikolaos G, Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn