We aim on those who deny this sinful political establishment-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Friday, 21 July2017 - 17:07

We aim on those who deny this sinful political establishment-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

An answer to the filthy propaganda against Golden Dawn

Our political rivals are united in one aspect, to the war against GOLDEN DAWN! A dirty war, full of lies and calumniations, but also arguments which quail towards the thinking and rational people. Yet, because they understand that the masses are mistrustful and leery, and because the idiots in this country do not constitute the minority, this is why they continue with frail arguments and mendacities to hit our Movement. 

Their means are indefinite. First of all internet and Facebook, a web space which has excluded Golden Dawn and in parallel has allowed the actions of our insulters. Apart from the internet and the paid websites, there are also the TV stations and the newspapers which also fight GOLDEN DAWN. Despite all these, GOLDEN DAWN withstands because it’s a Popular Movement, whose truth is acceptable from the Greeks. 

The “arguments” of the political parties against Golden Dawn

One of the arguments of New Democracy is that SYRIZA released from jail the leadership of GOLDEN DAWN! THIS IS A BIG LIE! The MPs of GOLDEN DAWN were released because the pre-trial detention of 18 months passed, so they were released, according to the Constitution. 

They also claim that we voted the electoral law of SYRIZA. GOLDEN DAWN did not participate in the voting for the electoral law. They are based in the ignorance and the stupidity. 

From the part of SYRIZA and in general the left side, there are huge mendacities regarding our connection with the capital, the industrials, the ship-owners etc.  In reality, GOLDEN DAWN has no sponsor, while they have excellent relations with the oligarchy of our Homeland and of course with the TV stations.

There is also another category of the enemies of GOLDEN DAWN, who pretend to be the uncompromised patriots, the rebels and the ideologists. Well, nobody is concerned about these “tough guys”, since in reality they constitute an insignificant minority…They are also manipulated in order to disrupt the unity of the Nationalists! 

Some of them have the audacity to call as compromised! However, we have been through jail, we lost our Comrades and yet they are the…rebels! There is no coincidence that in every assemblage of GOLDEN DAWN the parastatals organize counter-protests, while in the gatherings of these “tough guys”, approximately 20 persons, no one is concerned. 

Hundreds of Greeks deny this sinful establishment

On constant polls, the endurance of GOLDEN DAWN towards the propaganda and the polemics is clear as well as its rise .It is a fact that with the direction of N.D. towards the center and to anti-national in some cases positions, GOLDEN DAWN shall be reinforced. GOLDEN DAWN will also be reinforced thanks to the patriots who voted SYRIZA, because they thought that SYRIZA would rip off the memoranda.

Well, we are close to the society and we do not pretend the politicians in the TV channels, so we understand that a large part of our compatriots remain passive and many of them choose to abstain from the political sphere. Some of them are really spineless. But not all of them. There are thousands of Greeks, if not millions, who completely deny this sinful establishment.

We must and we are obliged to get close to these people, in order for them to obtain hope, to present a positive and active stance towards the crisis that torments our Homeland. Greece must not become France, where an employee of Rothschild became prime-minister due to the size of abstention! 

Those who still have in their soul flame and life should realize that the system does not care if they deny to vote. They must understand that with their indifference they become evenly accountable for the selling-out of our Homeland.

GOLDEN DAWN shows a way, a steep path, a cramped path and this path is the Fight, the Faith, the resistance to the foreign usurers and the resistance to the dictatorship of corrupted. Those who remain alive should join us. There is no room neither for renegades, nor for those who absent from our battle for the survival and the future of our Nation. 

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn