Vote ND, in order to be governed by PASOK! Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Monday, 16 April 2018 - 22:54

Vote ND, in order to be governed by PASOK! Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Antonis Samaras, the man who governed the country as the chairman of ND along with PASOK, does not forget himself, back then, when he reversed the government of New Democracy. 

So, with his provocative article in newspaper KATHIMERINI, he literally hurts his own political party, by commenting that “Kinima Allagis”, the former PASOK, is an indispensable contributor for ND, in a future governance of the country. He strives in every way to sabotage his own political party and we have absolutely no problem with that. 

Besides this provocative action, that did not please many members of ND, he also has the audacity to claim that he made wonders as a prime minister when he dealt with the memorandum! And all these, while he is accused of an economical scandal, not a political conspiracy, like the one he plotted against GOLDEN DAWN.


It is proved by his article that this person has no connection with reality, since he believed that he gave again…hope to Greeks regarding memorandum. Here is the relevant excerpt: “The convergence has started! The period 2012-14, at the 2,5 years of our governance, we made it possible along with many different political sides, who also believed in the transgression…Back then we reconstructed the country and we gave a chance for Hope! We managed it with our transgressions in New Democracy and PASOK.”

Since he “managed” all these, then why people voted against him and elected SYRIZA as the new government? Samaras forgets his deeds…The unemployment, the arising scandals…He forgets that he literally enslaved our Homeland to the foreign usurers with the notorious PSI, where he plundered the insurance funds of the employers! 

However, the audacity of Samaras has no limits, since he claims that he drove away the illegal immigrants from the country! He writes that he cleaned the center of Athens, where along with Dendias, they obliged the police forces of oppression to drive away the illegal immigrants from Omonoia and then he called the channels to broadcast him drinking coffee in a clear city, which was then filled again with illegal immigrants. He writes about this issue: “We brought again the feeling of safety to the citizens! We had not the time to do everything. But the center of Athens was cleared. The number of illegal immigrants was drastically reduced.”

 “We hunted the neonazi!”

Of course in his delirium, he could not leave the political persecution of GOLDEN DAWN behind. But he has a right to write all these, since the files of his conversation with a corrupted prosecutor but also the video of his secretary Baltakos were never examined in the Greek Parliament. 

So, he writes: “we hunted all the extremes-from antiauthoritarians to neonazi”…Once again the liar Samaras says nothing more than lies. We are all aware of the camps of anarchists, indymedia, and antiauthoritarians that prevailed during his governance. He also has the audacity to attack to SYRIZA for the case of Novartis, where he forgets about his actions! He does write that he will never collaborate with SYRIZA, because they try to manipulate justice, terrorize the jury and ambush with trails their political rivals! 

As if he did something different with GOLDEN DAWN, with this fake trial. Antonis Samaras is politically dead and he cannot accept it. He attempts to remain alive by doing what he always did, harming his own political party. 

As for our Movement, not only him,  but also the marxists tried to annihilate us, but we never reached 2%, according to his wishes, so GOLDEN DAWN is not only alive, but is the rising political power of the country! 

Our motto “neither the bullets, nor the imprisonments, nothing hurts the Nationalists” was tested for five whole years and proved to be right and true. 

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn