VIDEO: Samaras Goes Psycho and Begs for Salvation: “It’s either Stavros Dimas or Golden Dawn”

Sunday, 28 December2014 - 05:07

VIDEO: Samaras Goes Psycho and Begs for Salvation: “It’s either Stavros Dimas or Golden Dawn”

In the last weeks, the Government of Samaras has failed the first 2 of 3 of attempts to collect enough votes to elect one of their own, Stavros Dimas to the position of President of Parliament. This coming Monday, the final attempt to elect Stavros Dimas will be made, and when that fails the country will go to national elections.

Earlier today, Samaras gave an interview with Greek TV station NERIT. In this interview Samaras is visibly in a state of panic, and is obviously sensing the end is near.  He loses his temper during the interview and expresses his frustration that the certain members of Parliament are not voting for his choice, Stavros Dimas.

For our readers unfamiliar with Stavros Dimas:

Dimas is not your typical old Greek man, even among other Greek politicians few have more deep zionist connections and training in New York than Dimas. Born in Greece, in the 1960’s he studied at New York University and received a masters degree in law, from the late 1960’s on he worked on Wall Street and with the World Bank. In 1975 he was sent back to Greece and has been involved in undermining Greek sovereignty ever since. More recently he was placed as minister of foreign affairs along with another “American” educated banker, Lucas Papademos to run Greece’s interim government back in 2012.

This brings us to where we are today and the foreign powers along with Samaras want Stavros Dimas to preside over the Greek parliament and continue the Samaras-Venizelos Junta, while all the Greek People wanted for Christmas was to see this dictator and his memorandum collapse.

Samaras in the below video essentially says that the members of Parliament would be doing a very “irresponsible” thing if they give Golden Dawn power by not voting for his gang of cronies. He expresses his frustration and characterizes those that did not vote for his faction as “extortionists” begging them to vote for Dimas. One can literally see the agitation in his eyes as he desperately tries to cling to power, lashing out at those who he feels are responsible, insinuating that “The people do not want elections”.

The Golden Dawn Press office released the following statement:

“The sad image of Samaras on NERIT TV was the swansong of the foreign occupation government’s memorandum and submission. This coming Monday, Golden Dawn will vote and strip the Samaras-Venizelos regime of their status. When the elections are over, Golden Dawn will be the only national resistance against the new memorandum government SYRIZA, who has already forged their connections and plans with the international money lenders.”