Very large thinking about the innocence decisions

Monday, 24 November 2014 - 15:24

Very large thinking about the innocence decisions

Great sceptisism has fallen into "Ethnos" newspaper of Bobolas after the great collapse of conspiracy against Golden Dawn. The acquittal of Konstantinos Barbarousis and the rest of the comrades for the case of the popular market of Messolongi have created big nightmares fo the Samaras government. The origin of the horror is obvious and justified, they have made together with babis warehouse huge and heavy fellonies against our political party but sooner or later evry single one of the charges will fall apart.

In the crying - article of Kostas Nikolaidis, assumptions listed of cases against members of Golden Dawn and for the new charges that have been set. It is not just the author of the newspaper 'Ethnos' is unaware of the real situation that is taking place and the accusations against Golden Dawn that are collapsing, but also he is trying to maintain the provocation and the lies against the movement of the Hellenic Nationalists.

In the 2 pages article full of hate and unjustification, provide the cases of the media representative of Golden Dawn Mr Ilias Kasidiaris, the MP of Golden Dawn Mr Kostas Barbarousis and GD member Mr Nikitas Siois. in all these cases the article questioned the unsubstantiated decision of the justice as the author himself is begging Babis to pick up the phone and activate the well known shack!

Beyond any loughs and doubts because the article has been written from Nicolaidis and not from somebody else who deliberately writes against Golden Dawn it is a strange coincidence. We expect no answer as we know it already!