“Veni-Vidi-Vici” Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Monday, 7 May 2018 - 22:41

“Veni-Vidi-Vici” Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

May of 2012: “We light the torch…”

Six years have passed since the 6th of May of 2012, when the Movement of Nationalists, entered in the Greek Parliament after striving hard for many years! 

This result did not came from nowhere but with strong fights, excluded by everyone, with the polls vanishing us and the channels and television stations ignoring us! Six years have passed since that day, when a give a proper answer to the media, the foundations of this rotten and antinational establishment, using the words “veni-vidi-vici”, because that was indeed a victory. 

Writing remain

“Scripta manent” according to the Latins and as matter of fact here is my article after the elections of May 6: (16 May 2012, Newspaper “Golden Dawn”, n. 774, p.16) “GOLDEN DAWN CAME TO STAY. The proof that GOLDEN DAWN came to stay is a political enquiry which was published in the newspaper “KATHIMERINI” at Sunday May 13 2012, under the title “How Greeks voted at May 6”, which illustrated the qualitative data of the voters of GOLDEN DAWN. These data show that those who honored us with their vote are determined people, who will stay by our side…

According to this political enquiry, GOLDEN DAWN was voted by 10% of unemployed and 12% of students, 8% from public and private employees and 9% from employers. How do they think they may change with calumniations the mind of the unemployed and the people who created economy? How do they think they may change the mind of student who experience the red terror in their school and know that Golden Dawn is the only voice of resistance? I have to remind you that all the newspapers and the channels claimed that we were supported only by people who live close to illegal immigrants. Well the results of the elections completely refuted them! At Aspropyrgos, Megara, not only at Agios Panteleimonas or Kypseli, but also at Mani and Tanagra and at Kastellorizo GOLDEN DAWN was honored with high rates…

Also, in the same political enquiry, the myth that GOLDEN DAWN absorbed the voters of LAOS (an old right wing political party) was proved wrong. The data prove that GOLDEN DAWN was voted from former voters of the left parties, of PASOK and N.D.! The data regarding the age of the voters of GOLDEN DAWN provoke terror to the system. At the ages 18-24 GOLDEN DAWN took 14%. At the ages 25-34 GOLDEN DAWN took 12% and at the ages 35-44 11%. GOLDEN DAWN is the prevailing political power, mainly the second political power in the young Greeks. Also, in the new voters, who votes for the first time at 2009, we take 23%. This is why they are afraid of us!  We are the new Greece…”

Six hard years

From the first time, May 6 of 2012 till today, the war against us is continued. We proved wrong all those, the former secretary of KKE, Aleka Papariga among them, who claimed will be one more “bourgeois movement”. We were never like them and they cannot forgive us for this! 

It was only about their calumniations. When they saw that GOLDEN DAWN rises, they plotted a political conspiracy and led the leadership of GOLDEN DAWN in prison! It was September of 2013. We confronted them straight forward, we did not hide ourselves from their newspapers and screens and this hurt them a lot…

And at November 1st the bullets shot three brave men outside of our offices at Heraklion Street leaving to Comrades dead and one severely injured. Firstly, channels rumored about…settling scores between mafia members. On the other side, some hideous persons claimed that Comrades of GOLDEN DAWN will be cared and will not visit the offices of GOLDEN DAWN anymore. Some were cared indeed, but not all of them! The National Movement withstood this hit and moved on! Elections at 2014, elections at January and September 2015, with me in prison, and yet, GOLDEN DAWN did not bend! 

Moving forward…

We did not quail, neither from the treasons, nor from the desertions of some old comrades o random opportunists, who took advantage of the dark ambiance back when we were persecuted! Of course we do not quail either from the provocations of the channels and the newspapers that attempt to divide GOLDE DAWN.

They will fail in everything, because people know. People know who stood by them in the squares, the streets, the villages and the cities, raising the Greek Flag. They know who fell from the bullets of parastatals, they know who fought against the corruption, they know who were imprisoned and who fight the system. The Comrades of GOLDEN DAWN.

Besides, no matter what they do, the wounds of our Nation cannot heal. Illegal immigration, criminality, the Turkish threat, he corruption in our society, in or Homeland. Because of all these people demand hard war, a national answer, san extreme national answer, and only GOLDEN DAWN has this answer. 

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn