Under Merkel’s and E.U. orders: More illegal immigrants in Greece-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Tuesday, 10 July 2018 - 11:43

Under Merkel’s and E.U. orders: More illegal immigrants in Greece-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

-Agreement between Tsipras and socialist Sanchez from Spain for the “repatriation” of illegal immigrants. N.D. is consent.

-Veto from Italy that resists to the globalization.

-Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Bulgaria by the side of Italy. Even Albania is against hot spots!

The leftist prime minister Alexis Tsipras, which does no longer represent Greek People, proceeded in the recent summit of E.U. in an agreement with Germany, proving that he is a subordinate of Merkel. Germany demanded the return in Greece and Spain of all the illegal immigrants who will be detected in her territory and who have entered through Greece and Spain!

We understand very well the meaning of all these for our Homeland that already faces very serious problems. The rising presence of foreigners that entered illegally in the country, taking into account the demographic crisis of our Nation, will make Greeks the minority into their own Homeland. In return, Tsipras was permitted to reduce the taxes in the islands of Northern Aegean for few months, until the 31st of December 2018! The announcement of N.D, regarding this fact was the following: “when the government adopts the policies of N.D. then there are positive results”! N.D. believes that the return of the illegal immigrants in Greece is a positive result!


The Italian prime minister Giuseppe Conte reacted in the German plans and vowed NO in the European summit. He demanded the annulment of the Dublin agreement, according to which the illegal immigrants return to the first European country they entered. Our Homeland should have reacted first, but unfortunately the politicians aligned with the policy of Berlin. The Italian prime minister stated that he will not agree in any plan regarding the commerce and the defense, if there is not any agreement regarding the immigration issue. 

By the side of Italy stand Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Bulgaria! Bulgaria is on our northern borders and denies the policy of open borders, the policy of Tsipras and Kammenos. Even the prime minister of Albania, Edi Rama denied the installation of illegal immigrants in Albanian territory, even if that means that Albania will not enter in the European Union!

A Movement rises in Europe, a Movement that constantly grows bigger, and the government of Tsipras Kammenos instead of supporting this movement, they yield completely to the orders of Germany, of globalization, of George Soros, in order to turn Greece into a country with no identity. 

The stance of GOLDEN DAWN at this issue is clear. We denounce the antinational stance of the political establishment and we demand the closure of borders, the return of the illegal immigrants to their countries. We aspire Greece to be Greek again, without hot spots and without NGOs that make the rich “antifascists” even richest. 

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn