Turkey for a number of days is proceeding in clear violation of Cyprus sovereign rights

Monday, 27 October 2014 - 01:33

Turkey for a number of days is proceeding in clear violation of Cyprus sovereign rights

Turkey for a number of days is proceeding in clear violation of Cyprus sovereign rights.  Ahmad Davoutoglou in his effort to justify, the unjustified, mentioned the rights of the “Turkish Cypriots” on the Cyprus AOZ (Independent Economic Zone), thus creating with his commends a new paradox in the International Law. 

At this instance the “false state” which lies on the occupied territories of Cyprus, has no international status, since only Turkey has recognized it. Specifically the Security Counsil of the United Nations has characterized “legally invalid” any State entity that has been established on occupied territories.  Thus under this invalidation it cannot have any claim in anything, since theoretically it does not exist.

If we suppose that in the territory there were two legal states, one in the north and one in the south, the “Turkish Cypriots” still would not be able to raise claims for the estates of the Cypriot AOZ, (IEZ) since those are located on the south of the island. It is not for some “special clause” of International law, it is simply an observation of the location in the geographical map.

Davoutoglou’s thinking was placed within the proposed “dual zone dual communities federation” of the ANAN II plan, which the petty politicians of both Greece and Cyprus are manipulating in order to find a way to vote for it, and which plan provides for a “share” for the northern community. It does not provide though a “share” for the Turks and in addition still it does not exist as an agreement, hence does not produces a valid finished clause of international law.

Even if the ANAN II agreement was valid, the Turkish State would not have any involvement to the energy resources which are located southern of Cyprus and within the Cypriot IEZ. But as we have already said, the agreement is not valid which weakens even more the Davoutoglou thinking, who tries to cover up a direct and clear military act of Turkey to send naval warships within the Cypriot IEZ.

In our effort to reexamine the history of the crisis, we have to remind that in the beginning of the illegal Turkish search efforts, the Ana(n)stasiades government had asked the support of the Hellenic government “even with the presence of one frigate”, and in return to receive again a new “Cyprus lays faraway” answer from Samara’s government. A fact that even the National Popular Front (ELAM), commended negatively with an announcement from its Press Office.

Now that is obvious, that there will be a new withdrawal facing this Turkish war act, Ana(n)stasiades  claimed an “illness” and will sent someone experienced in...non tactical fall backs. So in the meetings that will take place to resolve the crisis, Cyprus will be represented by Antonis Samaras, so he will absorb alone the cost of national betrayal, as he is already politically finished.

Turkey has repeatedly stepped upon any meaning of International Law, by placing without shame war acts against European Union States. Where are they the Europeans that would protect Greece and Cyprus from the turks? Why Greece being a guarantor power in the area has not taken any action? The New Democracy government, 40 years later, is repeating the betrayal of Cyprus, with the only difference being that in charge of the country is Antonis Samaras, the same “Macedonian fighter” who sold the name of our Macedonia.

In this Turkish aggression, no one from Greece answered. Only the leader of “Golden Dawn”, Mr. Nikolaos Mihaloliakos, from inside the prison, where he is placed by the betraying “memorandum”  co-government of Greece , saved the dignity of the country, by raising the voice of truth against this national betrayal.