Turkey buys oil platform for the Cyprus’ EEZ!

Monday, 27 October 2014 - 18:17

Turkey buys oil platform for the Cyprus’ EEZ!

Turkey wants to set up a platform for extraction of hydrocarbons in the Cyprus’ EEZ.

While the Turkish research vessel “Barbaros” patrols in the Cyprus’ marine fields conducting seismic surveys and abolishing the international law, the Turkish government has contacted at least two companies to set up a platform with negative response.

According to the newspaper Phileleftheros, after the refusal of these two companies, Ankara is considering to proceed with the purchase of its own platform- it will cost 100-150 million euro. Turkish officials have already contacted the state company of Azerbaijan “Socar”.

This new challenging Turkey’s stance is arising just a few hours after the EU’s stern warning concerning the moves within Cyprus’ EEZ. Ankara seems to ignore the decision of the European Council and appears determined to proceed with the plans.

Diplomatic sources in Nicosia mentioned that if Turkey proceeds with the rental or purchase of the platform and transfer it to the south of the island within Cyprus’ fields, then this is not invasion but conquest and possession of Cyprus’ marine area.

The reportage from the reliable defencenet.gr follows. The highest challenge provokes Ankara by preparing for the purchase of an oil drilling platform to place it in the southern part of the Cyprus’ EEZ.

Ankara has approached international companies to transfer its platform to the sea zone of Cyprus to start the research. According to reliable sources, the Turkish government has been in contact with at least two companies, which responded negatively. This happened because they would not want to entangle in a political tug of war, while they have counted in the response of Nicosia and the impacts as well. To put it simply, it is a completely illegal act and whichever company performs it will be in danger of losing all the investments.

It is indicated that after this move, Turkey is going to pick up and purchase its own platform, especially since the price is not prohibitive (100-150 million). Relevant sources mention that for this purpose Turkey has been in contact with Azerbaijan and more specifically with the State Azerbaijani Company SOCAR. And yes indeed this is the same company that coalition government of Samaras-Venizelos chose as buyer of DESFA.

Recall that the Azeris are Turks and by selecting TAP on the commands of Washington Samaras A. and Venizelos E. have put the country in hostage under the two Turkish states.

These moves show that Turkey is determined to move on the plans and the realization of them step by step. The Turkish research vessel “Barbaros”, which has entered the country’s sea area- within the boundaries of the Cypriot EEZ- since last Monday, proceeded to seismographic mapping of the energy wealth of large parts of the fields 1, 2, 3 and 9.

If Turkey does proceed with the rental or purchase of the platform and transfer it to the south of the island within Cyprus’ fields, then this is not invasion but conquest and possession of Cyprus’ marine area. It is obvious that the deterrence of such a serious and dangerous evolution depends to a large extent on the moves to be made by Nicosia at this specific moment rather than later. Nicosia bases on EU and the last European Council’s conclusions prove there are supports in the EU.

They also counted in neighboring countries, such as Egypt and Israel, which for their own reasons would not want the overthrow of the strategic equilibriums in the Eastern Mediterranean. At the same time Russia is more than ready to help Cyprus as already has done for the last two decades.

Of course the question still remains. The international community why does not proceed with taking measures and penalty against Turkey and the Turkish economy for unlawful failure to recognize the Republic of Cyprus, the illegal possession of the northern part of Cyprus, for the possible dark-breaking- as shown by the forensic findings- of Diamond, and for the investigations that illegally conduct in Cyprus’ EEZ the Turkish seismographic Barbaros?

Blabbering Washington when it comes to geopolitical opponents such as Moscow by violating the rules of logic and showing the black-white, it trying to turn the entire world against the only superpower that can obstruct its hegemony. In the case of Cyprus, Washington does not dare to move against Turkey, despite how much the American establishment dislike R.T. Erdogan, because Turkey is a very important factor for the US in the Middle East. The Greeks should move alone and quickly as no one will take us seriously unless we do “fuss”.