Tsipras professes faith in the Memorandum! – Joint communiqué with Juncker heralds havoc on issues of employment, insurance and assessment by the Troi

Monday, 11 May 2015 - 12:24

Tsipras professes faith in the Memorandum! – Joint communiqué with Juncker heralds havoc on issues of employment, insurance and assessment by the Troi

We now have full confirmation the so-called SYRIZA media spin when just a few hours ago, prior to the joint Tsipras-Juncker communiqué, and at the same time the Dragasaki-Draghi meeting was going on, once again headlines and announcements come out of the SYRIZA camp about it "Battling it out with the lenders" and a potential "Imminent break with European partners." We've emphasized before that such statements are nothing more than a forecast on the part of SYRIZA telling us that they're going to sign a new Memorandum.

Finally, as demonstrated by the joint communiqué Tsipras-Juncker, the dominance of loan sharks over our country and people continues with regularity, only this time it comes from ... THE LEFT. Before we state anything, we cite the joint communiqué:

"President G. K. Juncker and Greek Prime Minister A. Tsipras communicated by telephone today. They recorded the progress made in recent days in the talks between Greece and its partners on the question of the comprehensive package of reforms in order to successfully complete the evaluation.

Particular reference was made to the importance of reforms in order to modernize the pension system so that it becomes fair, financially sustainable and efficient in the direction of avoiding poverty in old age

They also discussed the need for wage improvements and labor market institutions to play a supportive role in job creation, competitiveness and social cohesion. Within this context, there was a consensus of opinions on the role of a modern and efficient system of collective bargaining which should be developed through a wide range of consultating and meet the highest European standards.

Constructive talks should continue within the context of the Brussels Group's meetings."

What we see, then, is that beyond the "progress" that was recorded by the two politicians, we record, for the first time, a direct reference to the "assessment" which means that there will be regular inspection by the Troika. This is clearly a move away from one of SYRIZA's main "red lines" which proves that we are moving full steam ahead towards a new memorandum.

In addition, however, there appears to be a clear retreat from these so-called "red lines" which had been predicted by Golden Dawn with multiple articles and press releases on the matter. In particular, there is the Greek insurance matter which has been raised in the direction of its "sustainability" which signals a cut in pensions for Greeks.

The subject of labor also came up on the basis of its "modernizing," something which also prepares us for the use of the neoliberal toolkit of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development with the labor market, simultaneously, being deregulated, the creation of a job market jungle and the advent of a plutocracy over a people who have undergone many trials.

The whole story has evolved into a nasty repetition of "negotiations" like the ones between Antonis Samaras (from New Democracy) and the Troika which, ultimately, always led to shamefully unpopular measures unbeneficial to the public. Ultimately, the only difference we see here with SYRIZA and previous Greek pro-memorandum governments, and the only "red line" of this current Greek government is that prominent red...stripe across the jacket Greek Finance Minister Varoufakis; till Schauble get's wind of that, too, where he'll have to do away with that like everything else.