Tsipras is following on the same steps with Samaras when he is withdrawing all the available financial resources of the country

Friday, 1 May 2015 - 14:12

Tsipras is following on the same steps with Samaras when he is withdrawing all the available financial resources of the country

Government's decision to implements a legislative act for the seizure of the public money, shows that Syriza walking at the same path as its predecessors. In more and more cases it procceds by implementing what it has denounced before the elections, clearly showing the big transformation into a political party of the system which moves at the traces of the memorandum. 

Especially the specific legislation is an act of absolute arbitrariness because there was no dialogue at all with the affected agencies. Τhe provisions which concern the bounding of the public cash and the transfer to the Bank of Greece, violate fundamental articles of the constitution such as the self-administration of the universities, the financial and administrative autonomy of the public organizations (articles 16 and 102 of the constitution) and the prohibition of the laws to function as retroactives.

At the official government newspaper in which the legislative act content was posted does not mention any reason to justify exceptional or unforeseen circumstances which led to it's adoption. Moreover the period that will last in order for the cash remains to be transfered is still undefined in the text of the act.

This does not mean in any way that we are suffering from amnesia and we are forgetting similar cases of political opportunism that characterized the previous government in the recent past. Before this current legislative act it was the bleeding of the insurance funds which have almost disolved by the notorious PSI, and the tragic destruction of the minor investors as they have lost the sacrifies of a life time because of the Venizelos actions.

Any current complaints of new democrasy and pasok against the today's government has to do with the logic "you do the same with us why you accuse us then" ? So they do not perform any kind of complaint for the actions of Syriza but it is a trick for justification their own policy when they were in government. Therefore the deadend of Syriza with the ambiguous declarations but even more with it's insecure actions does not in any way give an excuse for the catastrophic days of the previous government. The exponential evolution of the last days and hours, clearly demonstrates for once again that the only consistent and stable in it's positions political power is undoubtedly Golden Dawn!!