Tsipras attacks Golden Dawn: The communist violence is good violence! Article by N.G. Michaloliakos

Tuesday, 4 December 2018 - 00:49

Tsipras attacks Golden Dawn: The communist violence is good violence! Article by N.G. Michaloliakos

«NEW DEMOCRACY» accuses us of cooperating with «SYRIZA», and «SYRIZA» accuses us of cooperating with «NEW DEMOCRACY». They should decide, at last, which is true, because it cannot be both. They should, at last, tell the truth to the People, that there is a political force which fights a national struggle against both of them, because they equally harm our Fatherland!

Last week, specifically on Friday, November 23, 2018, Alexis Tsipras attacked once again «GOLDEN DAWN» on the occasion of a parliamentary debate on violence in universities. In his reply to Mitsotakis, he said among others:

“Incidents of violence from the far right, the raid squads of Golden Dawn, are intensified. In your electioneering, you create a negative image for our country's universities. From the agenda that you have chosen, you frequently ask questions about lawlessness and criminality, which politically benefit those who have highlighted this agenda. The issue was raised by members of Golden Dawn in 2013 and 2014.”

I replied to Alexis Tsipras with a statement on our website, which of course, in this banana republic in which we live, no newspaper published and no TV station broadcasted. My statement answered directly the slander of Tsipras and was as follows:

“Violence and criminality at universities, but also in the abaton of Exarchia have specific color, alignment and patrons. The color is red, the alignment is the Communist left, and the patrons are the neo-Bolsheviks of the former «Coalition of the Radical Left» and today’s political party of «SYRIZA». The people of that party should not pretend to be unrelated, wherefore its members have been defense witnesses in the trial of organizations with murderous character, which have left behind them more than 50 deaths since 1974. As for «NEW DEMOCRACY», it should not play the honoree of legitimacy, because till now, at least when it was government, these same phenomena of Communist criminal activity took place in the infamous university asylum.”

But let us see what Alexis Tsipras, the beloved of the "pimps" of the country, believes about violence, in his own words. Here's the excerpt about the criminal Mao Zedong, who murdered 38,000,000 people in China, from an interview of Alexis Tsipras at “Schooligans”, a few years ago:

-“Mao thought that his actions were a step towards a socialist society. And he believed that the End sanctifies the means. But, his purpose, his intentions were good”.
- These good intentions killed 38 million people! More than those that were killed by Hitler!
- “Well, we cannot compare Hitler to Mao! The Communist regimes may have had this enormous shortage of freedom, but at least they had man at the center of their thinking”.
- This is of little interest to the man who dies...
- “No, it’s not like that. And they never had crematoria or ovens with Jews...”
- But they had more dead people!
- “First of all, these numbers are being disputed...”

Thus, according to Alexis Tsipras, the fact that Mao murdered 38 million people is not a crime, because his intentions were good, and moreover, for Alexis Tsipras and the fossils of Bolshevism those numbers are being disputed!

It is obvious that Alexis Tsipras believes in ... good and bad violence, where good violence is the violence of the Communists who have good intentions!!! And this is what he said at a time when professors were physically assaulted at universities, in the asylums of which drug sales and smuggle occurs. At the same time, policemen were beaten up inside the courthouse, which is next to the “General Security” building...

But «NEW DEMOCRACY» should not talk, because they were doing the same and even worse things in their days, not to mention December 2008 when the anarchο-communists, foreign agents and illegal immigrants, burned down Athens undisturbed.

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s League – Golden Dawn