Towards a new year - Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Wednesday, 10 January 2018 - 02:54

Towards a new year - Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

“No tomorrow is same as today!”

The despair has literally filled the soul of our People, who, in the poverty and misery of the policies of memoranda, implemented by PASOK, ND and SYRIZA and in this dessert of ideals, without faith at God and Homeland, looks like a dreary shipwreck in the middle of the ocean, with hope from nowhere. The words of the teacher who will move the People and make them believe to a new vision, are missing.

Standing among the ruins is hard work, but also attempting to bring the Faith to dead hearts is also hard work!


They say that in the era of poverty the thing that happen are usual. Well. They lie! According to “Bloomberg Billionaires Index" the 500 richest men in the world at 2017 became richer with one trillion dollars, thrice the debt of Greece! In total, their fortune increased by 23% in a year and reached 5,3 trillion dollars! It is obvious that we experience the great deception of the international usurers in the history of human species, it happens throughout the world, and of course in Greece, where the rich became richer and the poor poorer.

Under adverse conditions, us, the victims of a monstrous political scheme, we gave our fight with bans, persecutions, exclusions. In January of 2017 GOLDEN DAWN honored again the fallen at Imia. Once again the state, with gangs of anarchists and communists by its side, banned GOLDEN DAWN from making the assemblage at the monument of Imia, at Rigilli square. On the frozen sky of January, we raised torches in the Honor of the Martyrs at Mesogeion Avenue. At February ERT banned my standards monthly speech at the parliamentary group.


At the 25th of March I was in Thessalonica I honored along with my Comrades of Northern Greece our National Anniversary. At May -19 and 29 of May- we were present in the great events for the genocide of our people of Pontus and for the Fall of Constantinople. At June took place an event at Thrace from MPs of Golden Dawn against the plans of the agents of Turkey. At July of 2017 took place at the center of Athens a march for the father of Greek Nationalism, Ion Dragoumes. At September we were at Thermopylae and then at Thessalonica, where ERT once again prohibited the broadcast of my press conference. At October took place the inauguration and the event at the multi-purpose facility at Mesogeion Avenue for the NO of Ioannis Metaxas. At November of 2017 there was my speech at Trikala, with the counter-protest of left parastatals and there was also the event of the deputies of GOLDENDAWN regarding the Macedonian issue at Edessa. 

Yet, the most important of them all, was at 1st of November, when we all raised our torches towards the sky, honoring the memory of our two Brave Men, who fell protecting us and our Beliefs at the offices of GOLDEN DAWN at Heraklion Avenue, at 2013. I only mention few of our events and I omitted many other, they take more than one page. And all these happened in an ambiance of terror. At 31 of March of 2017 coward parastatals assaulted with hammers at our headquarters at Mesogeion Avenue. While the police never came…Police forces arrived half an hour later and there was no arrestment! Also, in June took place a murderous attack at our offices at Aspopyrgos, with three injured men and a woman among them, whose they broke the hand with a hammer. No political party denounced the attack. This is their “democracy”…


Proud Comrades of GOLDEN DAWN, a year passed, a year is coming, I wish you the best, I wish new fights for a truly Liberated Greece. Fights for Faith, Greece, Freedom, in order to take our Homeland back, to gain our Great Nation its lost Dignity and Honor. For years we are “Free and yet under siege”, persecuted by a rotten political system, where power only changes names, not hands, where our Homeland goes from bad to worse, So, we feel deeply our Duty, we know that we constitute the only hope for the Nation, we are the “last loyal”, the Comrades of GOLDEN DAWN in every corner of Greece, in our enslaved Cyprus and Northern Epirus, at the Expatriates, in every place of this world, where there Greek beating hearts. 

The last political development of this year was the notorious “social allowance”, which, as we were informed, was given 172 foreign nationalities! If UN 194 members-states, then Greece needs only more 22 states in order to literally turn into UN! 

And apart from the above, Erdogan laid a wreath with the crescent moon in the Monument of the Unknown Soldier, desecrating the sacred Tombs of our Warriors in our own Homeland. He laid a wreath with the crescent moon in a Monument where the names of the following battles are engraved: “Sarantaporos, Giannitsa, Manoliassa, Mpizani, Aidini, Philadelphia, Kiutaheia, Dorylaion, Afion Karahisar, Saggarius, Cale Groto, Cyprus 1974.” Battles where Greek men gave their life fighting against the crescent moon. This is why I told them right in their face: «Shame on you!” and no one answered.

Dear Comrades, a year goes away, a new year arrives. A year of yieldingness, submission and pettiness goes away. A new year is coming and we hope that it will be different, filled with Faith, Homeland, Fight for Freedom and National Independence. 

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn