Thousands of Nationalists honored the fallen Heroes at Imia and sent their message against treason towards our Macedonia-Photography

Tuesday, 5 February 2019 - 00:12

With a grant assemblage and a march to the main streets of Athens thousands Greek Nationalists honored the Heroic Officers of our Navy, who fallen on duty at that tragic night at Imia. They also sent a resonant message to the political establishment: Keep your hands away from our Macedonia!

Comrade Alexandros Gerontas made the first speech, where he welcomed the attendants on behalf of the National Memory Commission, in ceremony in remembrance of those who fulfilled their duty. In parallel, he urged everyone to fight against the traitors, in order to take back our soul and our History, the name of our Macedonia.

Afterwards, the MP elected at Kilkis, Christos Chatzisavas noted that these three fallen Officers constitute the successors of all the Heroes in Greek History. Comrade analyzed the treason towards Macedonia from the political establishment, stressed the perfidious role of the members of New Democracy and made it clear that only Golden Dawn strives for the abolishment of the Prespa agreement.

Then, the Chairman of ELAM, Christos Christou, stressed that following the notorious phrase of Konstantinos Karamanlis “Cyprus lies faraway”, the tragedy at Imia at 1996, now another one antinational government betrays our Macedonia, at 2019. Towards this treacherous political system, only the Nationalists of Golden Dawn constantly fight for Greece.

Next, Comrade Ilias Panagiotaros stressed that from 1996 till today, many governments have come and gone, ND, PASOK, SYRIZA, yet none of them attempted to serve justice towards the blood of our Fallen Heroes. On the contrary, the list of the Heroes and Martyrs of our Nation just got bigger, with the sacrifices of T. Isaac, S. Solomos, K. Katsifas, Giorgos Foudoulis, Manolis Kapelonis and many more!

The Secretary General of People’s League-Golden Dawn made the final speech, where he noted that for 23 years we assemble for the National Idea, an Idea that seems absurd to the commoners. Contrary to all these late “fighters” for our Macedonia, the first issue of the newspaper “GOLDEN DAWN” at 1993 had the title “NO COMPROMISES FOR OUR MACEDONIA”. Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos noted that at 2015 Kotzias sent a letter to all the political leaders in order to propose a name for Skopje. Back then it became clear to Greek People that during their visit at USA, the members of SYRIZA agreed for the entrance of Skopje at NATO and the treason towards our Macedonia.

Well, Golden Dawn continues to fight for the abolishment of the Prespa agreement. The first act was the letter-commitment of N.G. Michaloliakos to all the international organizations that this hideous agreement will end at the garbage can. Also, the Greek Nationalists stressed the absurdity of the parliamentary procedures, since even though the Constitution of Greece provides the majority of 180 deputies for the validation of a national decision, the Prespa agreement got validated by only 153 deputies.

He noted the perfidious stance of New Democracy, since they claim they disagree with the Prespa agreement, yet they have accepted it. Golden Dawn proposed the resignation of all the opposed deputies, in order to proceed to elections. They denied that. We even proposed to the Greek Parliament a referendum for our Macedonia, to let People decide about this issue. No one answered.

The professional politicians do everything to gain votes, yet this treason will cost them a lot, since Golden Dawn rises throughout Greece, according to all the opinion polls. The time of Golden Dawn is approaching and everyone sound keep than in mind!

The event ended with a moment of silence in Honor of the fallen Captain Christodoulos Karathanasis, Captain Panagiotis Vlahakos and Standard-Bearer Hector Gialopsos. IMMORTAL!

Thousands of Nationalists, after chanting the National Anthem and the Hymn of Golden Dawn proceeded to a march through the main streets of Athens.

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