This is why they excluded Golden Dawn from ERT-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Friday, 22 September 2017 - 23:39

This is why they excluded Golden Dawn from ERT-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Struggle for a national vision-The racist “Democracy” of Ancient Athens-GOLDEN DAWN is against the notion of “Enlightenment” and of the western lifestyle

In this article I shall present to you two answers on specific question of journalists. In these answers emerges the ideology of our Movement, through words that those who govern our Homeland did not want to be heard by Greek People. Therefore, being good “democrats”, they banned the broadcast of the speech from the television stations. Equally, there was no word in the newspapers about my speech and the press conference at Thessalonica International Trade Fair. It is obvious that they try in every way to silence the only National voice in our enslaved Homeland. 

GOLDEN DAWN offers a vision for a New Greece

In a question of a journalist if there is any hope for our Homeland, I answered that there is hope, as long as there is a vision and ideals. More precisely, I said:

“In the years following the political changeover, money, the expensive car, the yacht, the expensive country house became the god of the average Greek. Nowadays, this god proved to be a deception. By worshipping this god, they forgot about the real God, the real Homeland, the Family, the Ideals. So, I have to say to Greek people, that our country is a rich country, not only in material good but also in Moral values and History. We have to be proud to be Greeks and we have to fight in order take our Homeland back. Golden Dawn is addressed towards Greek people and offers a vision for a new, different Greece. If they believe in it, there is Hope.”

In another similar question I gave the following answer:

“The economic problems are severe, the national affairs are important, but the missing element of Greek People is a Vision. Nowadays, money became their god. Towards this false god, Golden Dawn starts the fight in order for Greek People to obtain a new Laic and National Vision, for a Golden Dawn of Hellenism. “

The Athenian Democracy and the…racism!

Another journalists who honored us with his presence asked about my response towards the announcement of Alexis Tsipras that he will change Europe and if Golden Dawn agrees with the notion of “Enlightenment”. I gave a clear answer with the following words:

“Firstly I will answer to your introduction, considering the fact that Mr. Tsipras will change Europe, I think of a man who is an admirer of Che Guevara and wants to change Europe with an employee of Rothschild. These are mad things, that only SYRIZA could turn them into reality. It is about the imagination in power, the most outrageous heterogeneity. Among the references of Mr. Tsipras, well we do believe in the Athenian Democracy, but Mr. Tsipras should have known that when Pericles lost his children in the great plague of Athens, took place a special resolution at the Municipal Church for the recognition of his child with Aspasia (who was not an Athenian Citizen) as an Athenian citizen. 

In order to be an Athenian citizen, both of your parents should have been Athenian in race. It was about a regime, according to Mr. Tsipras, racist. Also, every Athenian citizen should have done his military service. Mr. Tsipras would lose half of his parliamentary group, since most of them have never been in the Army. Among them, the minister of Education, Mr. Gavroglou, who made a legislation about the end of raising the flag in the schools. 

Our principles, well, is the ancient Greek Civilization. We are critical towards the French Revolution. It was a massacre, with some fair demands, which though led to an empire, to Great Napoleon. In general the notion of Enlightenment is very vague.  Montesquieu was different to Jean Jacques Rousseau. We could agree with some of them and disagree with others. In general, we are opposed to the notion of “Enlightenment”, of the Industrial Revolution, of Commercialism and the western lifestyle. Golden Dawn is based in the Classic Greek Glory, in the Byzantine Tradition and to everything Greek. Nothing else. 

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn