There is no greater power than to dominate ones own conscience – Article by N. G. Michaloliakos from 2007

Tuesday, 2 December 2014 - 13:08

There is no greater power than to dominate ones own conscience – Article by N. G. Michaloliakos from 2007

An article written by the General Secretary of the Golden Dawn in issue 630 of the newspaper “Golden Dawn” in 2007. Seven years ago the Chief of the Golden Dawn sounds the alarm about our national issues. The Golden Dawn keeps fighting those who conspire against our sovereign rights.

 We live in the Greece of 2007. One year ends, and at the center of national issues is the issue of our Macedonia. When millions of Greeks went out into the streets in the early 90’s we were with them, but we knew that this struggle would be betrayed. Back then we had issued a poster with the slogan “DO NOT LEAVE OUR MACEDONIA IN THE HANDS OF POLITICIANS ”. We abandoned it and here is what happens . Forty thousand Greeks from across Australia gathered in Melbourne and protested declaring passionately that Macedonia is one and Greek. Not even one newspaper covered it in the news. Neither did the TV channels. Of course , it is known that the newspapers, the TV channels and the political powers are the same and the only thing some politicians can say, when the “media” do not “show” them, is that their opponent serves interests. As if they themselves (those who complain) have not served in the past and are not willing to serve other interests.

Let’s wander through some parts of Athens, of this city, that constitutes the sick heart and the foggy mind of graikylistan. Omonoia Square, the junkies in a row and the dealers free to sell their poison. Sick souls, bodies to collapse and beside all these, a few meters away our offices, the offices of Golden Dawn on Socratous Street.

There we are allowed to have offices. And this fact cannot but remind us the verse of Varnalis, who ready to get into the boat of exile (political exiled we are nowadays in our own Homeland) wrote before sailing towards Agios Efstratios, as he was consistent with his Ideas and this of course honors him: 

“And with us on the ship, last of all,
were junkies, street-urchins, smugglers,
put there on purpose to make it clear that Freedom
is put on the same footing as dope”

N. G. Michaloliakos