“There are still Greeks that have not bend the knee” Article of N. G. Michaloliakos

Tuesday, 18 September 2018 - 15:37

“There are still Greeks that have not bend the knee” Article of N. G. Michaloliakos

Article of the Secretary General of Golden Dawn, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, in the national newspaper “Empros”

From the speech of the Secretary General of Golden Dawn at the center of Athens against the islamization of our Homeland

“I greet first of all the priests who stand among us, without considering the consequences, they stand for our Homeland. Just like Athanasios Diakos, Isaias Salonon, Palaion Patron Germanos. Just like of us who put Homeland first of everything. 

We are all here today, in order to vow “You shall not pass, Greece still lives. Homeland, Faith, Freedom!” We are here this day in order to protest against the demolition of a Christian Church just to be replaced by an islamic mosque. And next to us, there are police forces, who are ordered by the government to stand against everything patriotic. 

The police forces are everywhere. They are here and they will be in Thessalonica, where they will not let people protest against the treason of our Macedonia! The will hear again these words “traitors, traitors, traitors”! These words will be heard in every corner of Greece, from Evros to Tainaro, from Corfu to Rhodes and Cyprus. For us, Macedonia is only one and is Greek! 

And the professional politicians of New Democracy should better keep quiet, because ND voted along with SYRIZA for the construction of the Islamic mosque in the heart of Athens, next to Acropolis. We know that our current governors are traitors, but so are the members of New Democracy, since the open the gates for the communism to prevail in the political sphere of Greece. 

Golden Dawn makes rigorous fights, now with hundreds of people, tomorrow with thousands, in the future with millions, we will fight in order to taker our Homeland back, vowing the words “People, Army, Nationalism”! Proud Greek men and women let’s send a message to all the traitors in this country that there are still Greeks who resist and not give in. 

Fight till the end, till the final victory, for Greece to become Greek again. No to the islamization of Greece! I salute all of you raise high the Greek Flags! Our antinational governors should better know that there are still Greeks who did not bend the knee. And these proud patriots shall be the winners in the end.”