The “zombies” of the newscast of 8 o’clock-Article of N. G. Michaloliakos

Tuesday, 18 April2017 - 16:58

The “zombies” of the newscast of 8 o’clock-Article of N. G. Michaloliakos

“Minor, disgraceful is the soul of the masses
Self-seeking thee heart
And senseless jowls
On the cuffs” K. KARYOTAKIS

Since 2010, when at Kastellorizo G. Papandreou announced the assignment of our National Sovereignty and the submission of our country to the international usurers with the memoranda, everyone waits for a revolution, a revolution that never happened and will never happen, because the revolutions do not rise from the masses that according to Karyotakis have a minor and disgraceful soul and they simply watch the developments with apathy and yieldingness.

As for those, the self-acclaimed “Rebels”, I inform you that in a recent article of famous journalist, who belongs to the space of New Democracy, these rebels are congratulated because at 2011 because they protected the Parliament from the invasion of…far right groups! In order to remember, those who protected the parliament were members of KKE holding clubs that stroke the people protesting about Memorandum and holding Greek Flags. Well, the bolsheviks deserve the congratulations of the liberals and when the liberals congratulate them, those who believed in the cruel ideology of Karl Marx should give them their condolences. 

The yieldingness of an entire people

The masses never write history and they never revolt and the passiveness of our People is the dreariest and most worrying sign of our times. Of course, the responsible for this climate are not only those who make the propaganda of this regime, through the television screens and the newspapers, but equally responsible is the mentality of the people, whose majority are nothing more than “zombies” of the newscast of 8 o’ clock, that walk towards the “flesh” with a rhythm, reminding the “zombies” of the vulgar American movies, of the show business, the notorious Hollywood, which spreads the propaganda from New Babylon towards the entire world!

These “zombies” however are not current since the soul of the mass has always been minor and disgraceful, this soul exiled Aristides for he was fair, Themistocles, the winner of the battle of Salamis and Aeschylus , that turned Nikitaras into a beggar, that avenged with hatred and mania all those who became known. 

Yet, are all Greek men and women the zombies of the newscast of 8, which obey in the propaganda? Of course not! Is it though enough to realize this antinational illusion? Is it at last important to realize that they are deceived and they sell off the Homeland? Probably the responsibility of those who understand and remain passive is major. 

For those Palamas wrote in the “Dodekalogos tou Gyftou” these lyrics:

“We did not bend
To kiss the feet of the powerful
Like the worms
But our soul
Is too ruminative
And dreamy
To resist with the sword”

Well, they are extremely guilty those “ruminative” with the “dreamy soul” according to Palamas, who in the times of crisis do not resist.

Fiery press releases from all the political parties against Golden Dawn 

On the contrary, the system is harsh and cruel towards all those who resist and fight against this rotten regime and its propaganda. So, there was few days ago another campaign against Golden Dawn and fiery press releases from all the political parties against GOLDEN DAWN. Unfortunately for them, only few believe in them. Yet the many should stop being the passive receptors of this tyranny, there is no need for their soul to be… ruminative and they should fight all forces against those who try in every way to eliminate anything National, to deadly strike the Hellenism. 

As for the “zombies” of the newscast of 8, they will remain forever “zombies”… It was them, who during 1974, while Attila was slaughtering the Hellenism at Cyprus were celebrating in the streets of Athens for the notorious political changeover, which led the state of Greeks in bankruptcy, in the corruption, the immorality and the ignorance! It was them who during 1981 when Greece entered the European Union, they were claiming “at last we are saved”! And as you may know we are not saved…It was them who during 1999 with the urge of an evasive economic and political establishment were watching fanatically the stock exchange and later were cruelly deceived. 

It was them, who at 2004 with the olympic games felt like the conquerors of the world and thought that Greece at last has changed! But she was not changed and from these wastefulness many tricky persons were beneficed, but is also one of the reason of this bankruptcy. It was them, who at 2010, after believing the “money exist” of G. Papandreou, afterwards believed that with the memoranda and the submission the Homeland will be saved. And it was them, who during 2015 voted for SYRIZA believing that he will cancel the memoranda and they will be liberated by this harsh slavery, which is no other than the slavery of the interest. They were cruelly deceived once again. 

But do not believe that they changed their mind, since their evasive world is made in that way in order to receive the propaganda and remain zombies.

The monsters of the night are afraid of the light

And it was in GOLDEN DAWN, through the pages of this newspaper that I was writing about the memoranda and the “messiah” G. Papandreou, an article entitled: Greece 2010, searching once again for “savior’ and “salvation”, an article where I noted that Greece is heading towards catastrophe, while the propaganda of the newscast of 8 o’ clock fanatically supported the policy of memoranda. 

In this dreadful climate, which is imposed in the country by the oligarchy and its subordinates, who pretend to be politicians, it is natural to fight in every dirty means those who strongly resist against the wind of destruction, fighting for a new Greece. A real Greece. 

The new campaign against Golden Dawn is included in their polemics. These simpleminded people cannot realize that since they did not succeed with the great calumniations during 2013 and 2014, with their phenomenal political scheme, their new effort cannot strike GOLDEN DAWN.

Why, however, all this profound hatred? This choleric hostility, the witch hunt and the ultimate denial? Simply because the monsters of the night are afraid of the light, yet they must understand that the brightest light emerges from the deepest darkness of the night. 

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn