The ultimate hatred against Golden Dawn of Greece and the exclusion from ERT-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Monday, 25 September2017 - 18:43

The ultimate hatred against Golden Dawn of Greece and the exclusion from ERT-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

During the last days, we experienced the ultimate hatred from the entire political establishment and especially the allegedly antiauthoritarians against GOLDEN DAWN! All of them are against us and among the marches of tens of foreigners and Greeks, there were two banners which characterized the entire event.

The one banner had the words: “Hang the fascists” which illustrated the…peaceful and “democratic” feeling of those who organized this march against the headquarters of GOLDEN DAWN. On the other banner there were the words: “no to islamophobia”, where there is no coincidence that the majority of this “antifascist gathering” were muslims. All these in Greece of 2017, where their demand was the closure of the headquarters of the third political power of the country, which has been voted by hundred thousands of Greeks!


Before this march, had taken place my presence in Thessalonica, in the context of the Thessalonica International Trade Fair, with the following speech and the Press Conference, which is supposed to be broadcasted by the public television.

In the end, it was not presented because of the strike of the syndicate of public television, which is apolitical partner of ANTARSYA that represents a frail percentage of Greek People. 

Few days ago took place our event in Thermopylae, which should have also been broadcasted by the public television, but it was excluded by the commission of deontology, a Stalinist commission which systematically censors the Nationalists.

It is really paradox the fact that those who used to scream about the closure of ERT, now continue the same policy, but exclusively regarding GOLDEN DAWN. This is their “democracy”, which recalls the trials of Stalin in Siberia.

We should also notice that in the Press Conference the representatives of all the television stations of Thessalonica were present, but none on behalf of the big channels, nor the major newspapers. In other words, all those who systematically calumniate us were absent, yet, nonetheless, they pretend that they are objective journalists…

It is clear that in Greece, for years now, takes place a witch hunting exclusively against GOLDEN DAWN…


There is no doubt that the guilty for this decay and the moral, political and economic bankruptcy of our country fights in every way GOLDEN DAWN. Not only the marxists, but also the liberals and along with them the organized interests of the oligarchy who hold in their hands the public life of the country keep fighting us. All of them serve the foreign interests and they have enslaved our Homeland to the foreign masters. 

They are fighting us because they know very well that GOLDEN DAWN is a steady and uncompromised National and Popular Power, devoted to the sacred goal for Greece to regain the National Freedom and independence. They are fighting us because we fight with passion for the Faith of our People, our Homeland, for the social justice.

They all fight us, we do well.

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn