The truth about the 3rd of September 1843-Article of N. G. Michaloliakos

Monday, 10 September 2018 - 13:02

The truth about the 3rd of September 1843-Article of N. G. Michaloliakos

One of the main and most prominent streets of Athens is called September 3rd in memory of the creation of the Constitution in Greece, at the 3rd of September 1843. Also, Syntagma square is called this way, since Syntagma in Greek means Constitution. In that square, many people were assembled in order to demand for the creation of a constitution. 

Many times in the Greek parliament, our political enemies use the expression “the constitutional political parties” in order to hurt GOLDEN DAWN. Well, the case about the constitution is as old as the foundation of the Greek State, thanks to the fight of the Heroes of 1821. However, the national division existed since then. 

The first “anti-constitutional” man in the history of Greece

Who was the first anti-constitutional man in Greece” No other than Kolokotronis, the great Hero of 1821, who opposed the idea of the Constitution, since according to him “the constitution is a disaster”. 

Regarding the incidents at the 3rd of September, the historian Konstantinos Paparigopoulos noted that the English ambassador Lions wanted the imposition of the Constitution in order to humiliate King Otto. According to the historian, the Lions wanted the creation of the constitution in order to force the King of Greece to pay for the loans during the liberating war of Greece. 

They present the incidents of the 3rd of September of 1843 like an unprompted revolution. In order to understand how “spontaneous” this revolt was, we should note that many criminals and prisoners were released from the prisons in order to assemble at the center of Athens and demand the creation of Constitution.  As a matter of fact, they did not know what constitution was, so they thought it was a person! Brave warrior Kolokotronis had stated regarding this fact that “they had released many criminals in order to fulfill their causes”. That was the “spontaneous” character of the revolt of September 3rd. In addition, we should note that many experts in law commented that this Constitution was 8inappropriate for the Greek State. 

“If we are a lively race…”

Many years later, another great Greek man, murdered from democrats, Ion Dragoumes wrote the following: “If we are a lively race, we will not accept this political system. The constitution and the deputies are a disease. Without asking, without getting to know us, they imposed to us an unfamiliar and inappropriate constitution”. 

However, why did the foreigners aspired the imposition of this Constitution in our Homeland and they lured many innocent Heroes of our Nation in their aspirations? The historian of the Greek Revolution writes about this: “While Armansperg, a pawn of England was powerful in Greece, Lions and the rest of English ambassadors were content with everything. When King Otto came and rules Greece, suddenly they found out that King Otto suppressed the rights of Greek People”. 

Professor Panagiotis Kondylis was even more revealing regarding the revolt of September 3rd of 1843, since he claims that the foreign suzerains imposed the parliamentarism in Grrece in order to repress King Otto who supported the Great Idea, meaning the expansion and growth of Greece. More precisely in his book “The decay of the urban civilization” he writes: “The importation of the parliamentarism in Greece, especially the universal suffrage, was not the result of needs of the people, but in fact it was the answer of the Big Powers towards the King Otto, since they wanted to influence the politics in Greece, especially the foreign policy.” 

Tafil Buzi: A…hero of the Constitution

As I mentioned before, the aspirations for the imposition of the Constitution had provoked the national division between Greeks, since the beginning of the Greek revolution of 1821. Let us not forget the murder of the national governor Ioannis Kapodistrias and the attempts of Kolletis (a corrupted former revolutionary) to implement the constitution. 

One of the “Heroes’ of the constitution for whom the professional politicians must be very proud is the Albanian-Turkish Tafil Buzi. Well, we may inspect his life in order to understand the dirty games behind the imposition of the constitution. Tafil Buzi was a Turkish-Albanian warrior under the order of Ali Paşa, who then followed Hursid and then Omer Vrioni, and battled against Greeks in the battles of Alamana and in the battle of Gravia Inn. 

But after all, he then followed the corrupted Kolettis who then became a politician. So, Tafil Buzi became a…Greek Army Officer. In fact, at 1829, following the murder of Kapodistria, with his Turkish-Albanian warriors, pillaged a lot of Greek villages, under the preface of the “constitution”. 

Tafil Buzi was in the end exiled from Greece by Theodoros Kolokotronis. This is the Truth about the 3rd of September, about the notorious “Constitution”, the “Constitutional platform” and the “anti-constitutional Golden Dawn”. 

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn