The Truth about Racism In Greece – Anti-Hellenic Racism is Rampant

Sunday, 7 December 2014 - 23:14

The Truth about Racism In Greece – Anti-Hellenic Racism is Rampant

By a unanimous decision, the Municipal Council of Thessaloniki decided to integrate the city into the ‘European Coalition of Cities Against Racism’. These so called ‘progressive’ ideas are built on the general condemnation of ‘racism’ as a one-sided attack from the left, with no effort to clarify what really constitutes racist behaviour.  Every conversation with these ‘anti-racist’ people is held in vain, as this particular platform allows them to condemn anyone as a ‘racist’, ceasing any further meaningful discussion or debate. My particular party for instance is one such example, where we are gagged in every public medium, or declared ‘criminals’, and are exposed to constant physical violence from those in the name of ‘anti-racism”.

At the party level, the situation is even more tragic. As a legitimate political party, we have been unconstitutionally shut behind prison bars, but the so called ‘anti-racists’ are happy to see the blatant violation of our constitutional rights because we are the ‘racist’ Golden Dawn. These anti-racists are happy to see the illegal persecution of a legitimate political party, but are quick to support anyone if they have the a name like ‘Abdul’ or ‘Muhammad’, and rush to show their solidarity, regardless if they are rapists, murderers, or have entered the country illegally.

In short, these ‘anti-racists’ believe racism can only be exercised by Greeks, and any Asian or African who kills a Greek, and curses at our religion cannot be a racist, because all of these behaviours are a result of racism from Greeks. The ‘anti-racists’ go a step even further, and according to a notice filled by the Municipal Council of Thessaloniki, they ask for the intervention of authorities (whom they also describe as ‘racists’) to unleash complete intolerance of anything they decide is racist, and use the full power of the police & judicial system to achieve it. In other words, they feel that in the name of democracy and equality, the law can be manipulated to destroy a person morally or politically on the grounds of possessing what they decide are ‘racist’ attitudes towards the system.

The reality is this: racism exists in Greece against the Greeks. The identity of a citizen as a Greek exclude them from the privileges enjoyed by the illegal immigrants, such as free education & free medical care. Being Greek is now considered a shame, and anyone who speaks out against the 3rd world illegal immigrants needs to be punished exemplary.

For the Golden Dawn, the ridicule by the system of being called a ‘racist’ is a small price to pay, and we will defend Greeks till the end. While some consider it ‘racist’ to allow these illegals free to leave Greece and live in another country, we ask that in the meantime, these same people open their luxury gated villas to accommodate the illegal immigrants. Perhaps they can find them a job, or even pay them some of the money handed down to them by their rich parentswho became wealthy through careers in being good obedient servants of the system.

Artemis Matthaiopoulos
Head of Hellenic Dawn for Thessaloniki