The treason from 1922 to 1941 - Article of N.G Michaloliakos

Tuesday, 18 December 2018 - 23:30

The treason from 1922 to 1941 - Article of N.G Michaloliakos

(Article of the Secretary-General of Golden Dawn, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, to the national newspaper “Empros” -“Forward”)

Prompted by the marches of Greek students for our Macedonia, the representatives of the “constitutional political platform” accused GOLDEN DAWN of…treason (!) and blamed our political movement for all the tragedies of our Nation during the 20th century. If they could, without looking ridiculous, they would even blame us for the Fall of Constantinople and conquer of ancient Greece from the Roman Empire.

GOLDEN DAWN became politically active at 1992. Other political parties, however, have a long and pretty dark history…So, we may talk about national traitors with proof and documents, prompted by a recent speech of an MP of KKE (Communist Party).

More specifically, Thanasis Pafilis, the parliamentary representative of KKE, stated at his speech at Gorgopotamos: “Our political party provides that people should not trust at all the urban governments during war. Our party will contribute to the organization of all the workers for the complete defeat of the urban class, Greek or foreign. This fight will be associated with the fight for the usurpation of the political power, whether Greece is the attacker or the one under attack.”

To put it simply, the MP of KKE stated that if our country gets involved in war, whether Greece is the attacking one or the one under attack, his political party will do nothing else than fighting for the complete defeat of the urban class”. What does that really mean?

Well, in years 1919-1922, the years of the invasion of Greece in Minor Asia, KKE (back then called SEKE) stood by the side of Turkey, by creating anti-war groups inside the Greek Army, with the slogan “Back home!” The founder of the Greek Communist Party Avraham Benarogia wrote at his book: “The antiwar propaganda expands in the front and rearguard of the Greek Army. New military groups are organized within the army. An antiwar political party is created in the Greek front…The strike of the army at the front lines ended this tragedy at Minor Asia”. (“The first stages of the Greek proletariat”, A. Benarogia, Editions “Communa”)

Twenty years later, after the defeat of Italy from Greece thanks to the leadership of Ioannis Metaxas and the upcoming attack by Germany, KKE once again urges the Greek soldiers to rebel against the orders of their country and propose peace…

Here is the proof of their treason: 18 March 1941, KKE: “The Communist Party calls our soldiers, our sailors and our aviators to usurp the control of their units, by electing contemporary commission, where everyone will agree on this political program: To propose peace to the enemies, to propose the resignation of the government and the election of a contemporary antiwar government of national salvation-peace, to propose the end of war, the abolition of the agreements with the Englishmen and the alliance with the Soviet Union. KKE calls the working class and especially the workers at transport, the naval workers, the workers at the ports and the workers at the military factories to create a united antiwar front with all those who agree with the plan of the national salvation-peace, by creating commissions and making strikes, absence from work and protests, in the economical and the political field. KKE encourages the working classes to follow the example of the heroic people of Bulgaria, who strive for the peace in Balkans and the true understanding between all the Balkan peoples”. (source: KKE-Official Documents”, Vol. X, p. 25-26)

So, who are the national traitors? You can do the math…A famous proverb says: “in the house of a hanged man, don’ t mention the rope”. Well, the Left should better not talk about traitors and treacheries.