The strength of an Idea in this ruined world Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Tuesday, 16 April 2019 - 15:40

The strength of an Idea in this ruined world Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Article of the Secretary General of Golden Dawn, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, at the national newspaper “Empros”

Golden Dawn: The response to their never-ending lies-They have reasons to fear Golden Dawn-Their biggest fear is qualitative, not quantitative.

Numerous articles and analyses in newspapers, websites, publications of books and many, honestly many, television shows about the “danger” of Golden Dawn. Needless to mention that in this parody of misinformation the representatives of GOLDEN DAWN are usually absent. Of course this situation is not much of a surprise, since we know the “democratic feelings” of our calumniators and our accusers and we know that all of them have agreed in a specific code, whom they consider as an inviolable doctrine.

However, why do they consider us “dangerous”? We are “dangerous” because we are the proper response to their lies! Their lies which led our Fatherland to the current poverty and wretchedness. Nonetheless, the rates of Golden Dawn according to the recent opinion polls are not that big. So, why are they in panic? Except if the rates are bigger than they seem to be…

Apart from the above, this issue is mainly qualitative and not that much quantitative! In their “pretty world”, a world filled with immorality and inhumanity, the Nationalistic idea is reborn! So their main fear is that when the People start to follow those who demand our Historical Rights, their “world” will suddenly collapse like a sand tower.

So, they have reason to fear Golden Dawn. And their main fear is not quantitative but qualitative. Because they know the strength of our Idea in this wretched by their socialist and liberal governments world. 

An old slogan we used to vow back in the days of silence was “NO TOMORROW IS ΤΗΕ SAME AS TODAY, FIGHT WITH US TO ACHIEVE THE BEST”. No one during the years of political persecutions believed that we would survive through this cannibalism and become even stronger at 2019. Well, our slogan was not empty words. And more importantly, our Ideas are not empty words. We honor our Ideas every day and we will continue to do at any cost.

The slogan “WE ARE COMING” is also not empty words…We have been through persecutions, calumniations and treasons. Yet here we are, stronger than ever! We are here to fight for Honor, for a NATIONAL STATE. Because if not for us, no one is about to give this fight. The only “lost” battles are those we never fought…

As long as there are Greek Nationalists, as long as there is GOLDEN DAWN, there is still HOPE for our Fatherland. This is why we are so “dangerous” for the system, this is why they fight us…