The silence of ND regarding Simitis-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Friday, 14 July2017 - 16:06

The silence of ND regarding Simitis-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Golden Dawn is steadily the 3rd political power in a new opinion poll-the qualitative data favor Golden Dawn!

The political problem of New Democracy is major, since in order to conquer the voters of the “center” it departs from the right side and approaches the guilty-according to the overwhelming majority of Greek People- PASOK and especially PASOK during the leadership of Simitis. 

The previous Monday, took place a discussion among the political leaders in the Parliament, where PASOK complimented Konstantinos Simitis, the prime-minister of the crisis at Imia, of the gray zones, of the Stock Exchange scandal and many other affairs…Yet, New Democracy had nothing to say about Simitis. In fact, at the recent conference of PASOK, ND sent an open invitation for coalition, where in this conference –of the party who is now called DEMOCRATIKI SYMPARATAXI- Georgios Papandreou and Konstantinos Simitis were present. 


On the contrary GOLDEN DAWN and more specifically the man who signs this article clearly declared his stance and this stance surpasses the limits of GOLDEN DAWN and touches the overwhelming majority of Greek People! Regarding this man, with the recent death of the three braves at Imia, I uttered the following: 

“…I would like to refer to the words of Mrs. Gennimata concerning the former prime minister Simitis. We all saw the photo where in the middle was Mrs. Gennimata, on the right side Mr. Simitis and on the left side Georgios Papandreou. This photo reminded the moto: “PASOK is here, united and strong”. 

So, Mrs. Gennimata accepts every responsibility and Simitis is responsible, guilty, accountable. He is accountable for the scandal of the stock exchange. He is accountable because he entered our country at Eurozone with forged data and we headed to the economic disaster. He is accountable for the gigantic constructions and the waste of money of the Olympic Games of 2004, who also led our country towards the economic catastrophe. 

Obviously GOLDEN DAWN represents way more people than its voters and this will be visible in the future. 


According to a recent opinion poll and specifically of the company Metron Analysis, to the questions about who is the most appropriate for prime minister, again the answer is NOBODY with a rate of 45%, contrary to 27% of Kyriakos Mitsotakis and 14% of Alexis Tsipras. In this opinion poll GOLDEN DAWN is once again the third political power of the country and is honestly ridiculous the so-called rise of PASOK in all the opinion polls…

For those who do not know, apart from the shares there are also the qualitative data of the opinion polls, who are not published. Well, these qualitative data favor GOLDEN DAWN and reveal the rigorous rise of our Movement! Is important the fact that in the opinion poll of Metron Analysis there is the following question: “which of the following political parties you would or would not vote in any case?” In this question GOLDEN DAWN receives a positive vote of 11%, while the limit of GOLDEN DAWN in this enquiry is 10%. 

We remind that in a previous political enquiry with qualitative data GOLDEN DAWN was the second political party among the citizens with income until 600 euros per month. Well, it is evident that our Popular and Anti-systemic Movement (where the “system” is the old corrupted political system) is popular to the working classes and unstoppable, despite the rumors, the mendacities, the conspiracy of silence and the exclusion from the television, the radio and the press. 


Finally, regarding this political enquiry, to the question about the trust towards the institutions of the state, the Army arrives in the first place, while the political parties remain in the last place. Well, this perspective reveals a lot…

Besides the opinion polls, it is evident that GOLDEN DAWN confronts a crude war from the part of organized interests and obscure parastatal mechanisms. Towards them all, the duty of each Nationalist is to remain strong and become the voice of our Movement in every corner of Greece, in order to break through this exclusion, to crush the conspiracy of silence, to take our Homeland back. 

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn