The Rothschild, Waterloo and Macron

Monday, 15 May2017 - 16:40

The Rothschild, Waterloo and Macron

200 whole years ago, the Rothschild Bank financed the English army with the Duke of Wellington at head, in order to wage war against Great Napoleon! 

The final battle took place at Waterloo, where Great Napoleon failed. 

That happened at 1815. With this way they managed to control not only the bank of England, but also France. 

Today, 202 years later, they did not had to wage war, they just chose as the president of France one of their own, their banker, Emmanuel Macron. 

In fact, they did not even keep up appearances, since the French press published that before Macron announces his candidacy, an electronic message was sent by the central direction of the bank of Rothschild regarding a cocktail and a dinner with the aim of the concentration of resources for the electoral campaign of Macron.