The rise of the Nationalistic Movement demands the truth, not populism-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Tuesday, 6 March 2018 - 02:40

The rise of the Nationalistic Movement demands the truth, not populism-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

From the beginning of October the mass media had prepared a nice story, a nice fairy tale. More precisely, after the famous elections within the political party of PASOK, suddenly the popularity rates of PASOK began to augment, like the rates of the stock market did, during the governance of former prime minister Simitis! And this comparison is no coincidental. 

So, in the last weeks of 2017 we reached the point where PASOK arrived at 12% and 13%, while Golden Dawn only at 6% to 7%! However, the fairy tales do not last for long, and the time of truth comes, sooner or later. So, the affairs of the Macedonian issue and the scandal Novartis came along and the reality proved to be different. It is no coincidence that the poll services were silent during the last month. 

GOLDEN DAWN: 9, 4%-Higher limit: 10, 6%

What Greek People already knew was presents as independent opinions by the political analysts. Specifically, Blomberg specified: “The Novartis case in Greece is part of a global pharmaceuticals industry scandal and investigates the Swiss drug-maker’s part in allegedly inflating drug and vaccine prices… The case threatens to deepen the public’s disillusionment with established political parties and bolster groups on the extreme”

But also, during the debate in the Parliament regarding this scandal, the chairman of PASOK, Fofi Gennimata, stated: “The more you violate the legislation, the more violate the separation of powers, the more you put Democracy in danger. It is the same logic that led to the angry assemblages of people in the squares and to Golden Dawn, the far right side.” A special article was also in the newspaper “TA NEA”, where an “experience poll analyst” predicted that the debate regarding the corruption favor the extremes and the negative opinion of people regarding the political system may worsen the situation. Maybe this word, “worsen”, could mean better this for the country, actually…

But let us return to this opinion poll, which was published in Sunday February 25, in the newspaper “TO VIMA”, from the service METRON ANALYSIS. According to this poll, the vote to GOLDEN DAWN reaches 9, 4 % and surpasses both PASOK and KKE. However, the higher limit for GOLDEN DAWN is 10, 6%. There are high rates at Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, at Peloponnese and Thessaly and also at Central Macedonia. Another important data, is the fact that the positive opinion for the writer of this article reaches 12%. 

Truth, not populism

So, it is evident that our Movement is on rise, and we gained this fighting against them all! We gained this thanks to our consistence, our ethic, the commitment to our principles and our struggle in streets and squares, in cities and villages. But we have to struggle even more to get stronger. With all the mean we have, we must try to present to Greek People our political program, which is also printable in our site, revealing the lies of all these who claim that we do not have a political party. I also judge as essential the responsibility and the sincerity, even with political costs! We must be true to the People and not refuge to populism, in order to attract irresponsible and foolish persons!

We need by our side conscious National Fighters in order to fight with them for the new Greece that arrives. 

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn