«The rise of Golden Dawn is frightening»- Golden Dawn comes second in popularity among the Young at 17 to 34 years Article of N. G. Michaloliakos

Saturday, 9 February 2019 - 00:23

«The rise of Golden Dawn is frightening»- Golden Dawn comes second in popularity among the Young at 17 to 34 years Article of N. G. Michaloliakos

A new political sphere prevails in this country and terrifies the powers of the political establishment. They thought that they could stop GOLDEN DAWN with persecutions, exclusions and prohibitions. Thus they favored numerous failed politicians in order to create a rivalrous “patriotic party” and, again, they failed! 

Taking into account the latest opinion polls after the validation of the Prespa agreement, they decided to launch again an attack against our Movement.

It is worth noting the front page of a newspaper affiliated to SYRIZA, with the bold title: “THE RISE OF GOLDEN DAWN IS FRIGHTENING”…To whom and why? To those who sell off our Fatherland, plunder the national economy and despise the rise of a genuinely national political party. Here are some excerpts from this article:

“Dangerous side effects in the political sphere”

“The far-right rhetoric of New Democracy and KINAL regarding the Macedonian issue causes severe side effects in the political sphere of the country. The parties of the opposition, in their attempts to win over the arguments of the government, identified themselves with the extreme nationalistic groups that prevailed in the recent rallies. The far-right took advantage of this situation and dared to vow the slogan “Tramps, traitors, politicians” and other nationalistic catch phrases. This divisive ambiance leads to the radical rise of the Far-Right throughout the country.”

“Especially in Macedonia Golden Dawn managed to massively increase its popularity and range of voters. According to a recent major poll, Golden Dawn reached the rate of 15% the Thessalonica. The rise of Golden Dawn is also evident in other cities of Northern Greece, in Athens and the rest of the municipalities.”

This article confirmed another opinion poll which was published in the newspaper “Documento” and the following article of the newspaper “TO VIMA”:

“…ND comes first with 37, 2%, then SYRIZA with 25, 1%, Golden Dawn is the third party with 9, 1% and then follow KINAL with 7% and KKE with 6, 6%...According to these results, the next parliament will probably consist of five political parties…”

At this point, we have to note that the rise of GOLDEN DAWN is not the result of the actions of some “professional politicians” who consider GOLDEN DAWN as a chance to promote themselves at the expense of our simple Comrades. They should better know that the doors will be closed for them since People’s League aspires the election of TRUE COMRADES and not the election of future deserters and traitors. 

The movement of the Youth, the future Greece!

It is worth analyzing the qualitative information of the opinion poll published at the newspaper “TO VIMA”, where GOLDEN DAWN receives 19, 9% of the votes of the right wing people, while New Democracy, the alleged party of the right wing, receives only the 58, 2% of the votes of right wing people. In parallel, GOLDEN DAWN is extremely popular among the middle classes, while New Democracy becomes less and less a “middle class right party”. 

Also, in the ages plus 65 years old, GOLDEN DAWN reaches a rate of only 2, 5%, while New Democracy and SYRIZA –who massively reduced the pensions- reached 40% and 18% as well. Even PASOK reaches 10% among the elders, a fact illustrating that those who supported the old political system are not willing to vote for GOLDEN DAWN! 

However, the most important information in this poll is the fact that GOLDEN DAWN comes second among the young at age17-34 with 15, 9%, SYRIZA with 15, 4%, KKE with 4, 4% and New Democracy with 21, 8%! Yet, if we take into consideration the fact that 27, 4 % of young people declare “not interested” –a phrase that indicates an anti-systemic vote- GOLDEN DAWN is definitely the first political party among the young Greeks. 

The movement of the Youth, the future Greece!

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s League-Golden Dawn