The return of the Ottomans in the era of yieldingness-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Monday, 11 December 2017 - 16:15

The return of the Ottomans in the era of yieldingness-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

The peoples follow, therefore they hold no responsibility for the disastrous path towards degeneration, towards zero, the national amnesia. Prompted by the visit of Erdogan I shall express once again my objections regarding the “valid” analysts, who claim that Turkey is close to destruction. Well it is not destructed. On the contrary, Turkey becomes even stronger! 

The dangerous mendacity of the Greco-Turkish “friendship”

From 1821 to the last legendary march of our glorious Army to the depths of Asia Minor, Hellenism was on rise. Thessaly, Macedonia, Thrace and at last, the City of our dreams, Constantinople, Smyrna and Pontus, where the rebels raised the flags of the Byzantine Warlords and then the destruction at 1922 and the reign of a disastrous doctrine in our foreign policy, the domination of the dangerous mendacity of the Greco-Turkish “friendship”. 

The proposition of Eleftherios Venizelos to give the Nobel Prize to Mustafa Kemal was tragic, but also tragic was his meeting with Inonu, at 1930 in Athens. Back then, the notorious G.A.V. (Georgios Aggelos Vlahos) was writing that we heard everything except for the vow “Long Live the Turkey” in Athens. That meeting ended with the selling out of the properties of the residents of Asia Minor with exchange some insignificant booths in Athens and Piraeus. 

The only one who did not believe, on the contrary, to the doctrine of the Greco-Turkish “friendship” was General Theodoros Pagkalos, who governed the country after the disaster and had been preparing a march for the liberation of Eastern Thrace and because of that he was accused of treachery, due to the secret agreements with Serbia!

For the shake of the Greco-Turkish “friendship” we permitted the Turkification of the muslims in Thrace and the extirpation of Hellenism from Constantinople, Imbros and Tenedos, with the violation of the Lausanne Treaty. And then came Attilas at 1974. And at 1996 came Imia and the direct demand of Turkey for equal sovereignty of these two states in Aegean!

“When people forget…”

I wrote in our newspaper, at one of the first issues at 1993: “At 1922 with the help of our “good allies” and the bolshevists of Lenin, Kemal Ataturk extirpated from Minor Asia 3000 years of Greek History. But we forgot it! …

At 1955 Turkish persecute the Greek of Constantinople and oblige them to leave. We forgot it! 

At 1974 at Cyprus Turkish conquered 40% of the island and murdered, raped, plundered, destroyed and massacred. But we forgot it! 

At 1993 Turkish talk about “autonomy” in Thrace and demand the prefect of Rodopi to speak the Turkish language. 

Skopje provoke Hellenism with the support of Turkey and America and talk about “Free Macedonia” which shall extend to Larisa! Bulgarians claim through Ahmet Dogan that Bulgaria should reach Aegean! The enemies surround our homeland and we only think about ourselves, our comforts. “We learned” very well to be “pacifists” and apathetic in any challenge.

“Once again we are ready to forget, yet we also forget that History forgets those who forget her!” N.G. MICHALOLIAKOS -24/1/1993

We forget History, a History of thousand years. It was at August of 1071 a. C. when our Emperor Romanos Diogenis was defeated at Manzikert from Turkish, betrayed by the plotters in his own empire, that left him alone in the time of crisis. 

The harsh reality of Geopolitics

For thousand years Hellenism is struggles for his survival towards the Asian threat! And the harsh reality of Geopolitics illustrate a dreary fate.

In the decade of 1990 the late professor and Great Teacher regarding the Greco-Turkish relations Panagiotis Kondylis was writing that: “Shortly after the installation of Turkey and Greece in their current borders and after the exchange of populations, Greece had 6.200.000 residents (census 1928) and Turkey 13.600.000 (census 1927), the double number. Only in one generation the difference was duplicated” Greece had the population of 8.400.000 residents (census 1961) and Turkey 31. 100.000 residents (census 1964). After one more generation, Greece has population of 10.200.000 (census 1991), while Turkey has surpassed the 62.000.000”the difference is six times bigger and more critical is the difference in the growth rates. While in Greece the demographic problem is on rise with serious consequences in the economy and the defense, in Turkey the population grows with a rate of 2% per year (for instance at 1993 the births constituted the 2, 7% of the population, while deaths constituted the 0, 7%. So, from the 56.500.000 residents of the census of 1990, we reached to 61-62.000.000). This means that every year 1.000.000 people are added to the population of Turkey –an entire Greece in 7-8 years! Probably at 2020 Turkey will have surpassed the 100.000.000, while Greece that has already turned to a country of old people will be pressed from another side”. 

The harsh reality of Geopolitics clearly indicate that if we do not react resolutely, our country will turn into a satellite of Turkey and this is illustrated in the political tour of “sultan” Erdogan in our Thrace. 

Only if we become an Israel in Balkans, strong and resolved, with significant strength, only then we shall survive as a free country. Otherwise we will turn into slaves, slaves with the illusion of…freedom. 

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn