The return of the Ottomans – Article by N. G. Michaloliakos

Saturday, 15 November 2014 - 16:02

The return of the Ottomans – Article by N. G. Michaloliakos

Of our history shine three thousand years.
UP! And comes up from now the palace.
at the place where the evil spells lysed,
and the Phoenix reborn from the ashes.
On the sands of Mecca drive, sun,
the crescent out from our sky…
Kostis Palamas – from the hymn for Greece by Mistral.

Another threat against our national sovereignty by the Turks takes place the last few days. Once again the treacherous of the Hellenism from the east threaten our homeland. Once again, the rulers of the state of Athens continue the disastrous policy of defeatism, of disorderly regression towards the odious challenges of Ankara. Once again, the so called “allies” pretend to be neutral, blessing essentially the Turkish aggression, reminding us the verse of the Hymn to Liberty by Dionysios Solomos “On your journey you started alone and alone you came back, doors do not easily open when you need them so bad”. 

In a meaningless conflict of impressions the tragic coalition government of Samaras-Venizelos discovered a new ally who will save us: Egypt!!!

However, nothing comes from nowhere. An in-depth study of modern Greek history could teach us a lot also for the current crisis. For 100 years, from 1821 to 1921, Greece was proceeding and liberating Greek lands that were enslaved by the Ottomans. Thessaly, Macedonia, Thrace and then the dream of the Great Idea with the Greek Army in Asia Minor. The last victorious invasion of the Greek Army was that in Eskişehir in the depths of the Greek Asia Minor in summer of 1921. Commander in chief in this last victorious battle was General Anastasios Papoulas, who 14 years later in 1935 was executed as a traitor and kinematic by a “democratic” government! His last words before the firing squad was: “I am proud because I will drop dead from the bullets of the soldiers that I rode winners in Asia Minor”! This short story is a parenthesis to what has been and what is the Greek state.

From 1921 until today a disastrous policy led the state of Athens. The famous Greek-Turkish “friendship” either in the interwar years, or after the war within the frameworks of NATO, led to national disasters. Uprooting of Hellenism from Istanbul, Imbros and Tenedos, insidious propaganda in Thrace, which continues to the present day, the Turkish invasion in Cyprus of 1974 and finally challenging of the Greek sovereignty in the Aegean with the grey areas from the time of Imia until the present coalition government of Samaras-Venizelos.

The unworthy leadership of the Greek state and the structures that are actually motivated by foreign of a protectorate, remove any possibility of a national dealing with the Turkish provocations. In all cases the “pacifists” should not fear the case of war. As the memorable Panagiotis Kondylis had written almost 20 years before, there is not such case!    

“The mediocrities, sub-mediocrities, and lieu in sub-mediocrities, that make up the Greek political and side-political world, are not able to bring forward and solve historical problems of such magnitude and of such depth – they might even collapse before the great decision to conduct a war”. Panagiotis Kondylis Theory of War

So as not to collapse, therefore, there is no case to answer to the Turkish challenges even if the whole Turkish fleet arrives in Piraeus or Thessaloniki! And this nationally unacceptable policy is called “dispassionate and responsible” policy. 

Also, one of the dominant myths on which the miserable system was based in order to justify the constant and continuous retreats from Turkey, was the famous Europe. Let’s see what Professor Kondylis writes about that: “The European Union, unable to give Turkey everything they ask, will seek to appease the Turks with Greek costs, i.e. pushing Greece to accept the Turkish claims in the Aegean and Cyprus… While Greece has been oriented in blood and soul towards “Europe” to assure itself from the Turkish danger, this exact European orientation will transform into a mean of de facto conversion as a satellite of Turkey” Panagiotis Kondylis Theory of War

We are moving towards there, to become essentially a province of Turkey. Not at all random semantically the fact of Turkish propaganda from the side of the TV channels of the great capitalist “pimps”, who actually govern the country.

Europe does not exist. There is a dominant force, which once in the time of the national revolution of 1821 was England and today lieu in it is USA. This force wants Greece to be a vassal state of Turkey and this is not something new. 200 years ago, when in 1825 the declaration of subservience of our Nation to England was signed, Alexander Mavrocordatos wrote to the strong man of English policy George Canning: “Hellas will sooner or later become the natural ally of the Porte, if the latter knows better the interests thereof. Onwards England, Porte and Hellas will want to be a joint force against Russia and through this joint England wants to ensure that neither Russia nor any other European force will attempt to hurt the English sovereignty and trade in India”.  

Letter from Alexander Mavrocordatos to George Canning, History of Modern and Contemporary Greece Tasos Vournas, Volume A, page 156

That is what Mavrocordatos wanted then, that is what England wanted and that is what USA wants today. Such a policy is the policy of subservience which every Greek patriot must fight with all his strength. History is a circle, here are the Turkish landowners, here are the traitors and here are the servile. 

The time has come for the Hellenism to wake up and form its own path. A course without bowing down, nationally incompatible against the anti-Hellenic geopolitical plans of the foreign master.


N. G. Michaloliakos
Political Prisoner
Korydallos Prison