The red terrorism is here!

Tuesday, 18 April2017 - 17:02

The red terrorism is here!

The newspaper “GOLDEN DAWN” wrote at 2010 regarding the red terrorism: 

“Concerning the terrorism and its “dislocation”, we have serious reservations, as we had when the terrorism has been “dislocated” with the case of “17N” and ELA and unfortunately we were confirmed! As long as in this country prevails the ideological and political terrorism of the left side, as long as there are universities that honor Stalin and the Soviet Union, as long as all these happen and the cause of this red criminal terror is not condemned, there will be terrorism in the future and it will not be dislocated.”

Nowadays, seven years later, where the witnesses in the trials of the terrorism govern our Homeland, things are much worse and of course the red terrorism exists and…is protected by dark mechanisms of the state…