The Rally at Syntagma was a Grand National Call beyond political parties and sides-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Friday, 9 February 2018 - 01:49

The Rally at Syntagma was a Grand National Call beyond political parties and sides-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

The antinationalists, leftists and liberals were the losers

The hundreds of thousands of Greek men and women who concentrated in Syntagma Square and all the close streets from Hilton Hotel to the Monument of Olympian Zeus, definitely were not only 140.000 according the “government friendly” police. 

The attendants at the rally were innumerable, so the losers in this case were the antinationalist, who do not belong only to marxism, but also to liberalism. Among them, the ministry of foreign affairs Kotzias, who made a Stalinist statement in Greece of 2018! So, the former member of KKE wrote on twitter: “This day the corrupted polls failed. The failure of ND and all those who did not listen to the Ecumenical Patriarch was clear. Hundreds of Greek patriots made their choice. So, I continue with clear conscience and responsibility to negotiate for the interests of my homeland.”

Following the assemblage in Syntagma Square

The answer of GOLDEN DAWN to Kotzias was immediate: “The current –sadly for Greece- minister of Foreign Affairs, Kotzias, remains impenitent to the doctrine of marxism. He did not see the numerous people in Thessalonica, neither in Athens, so he talks about “hundreds of patriots” who were absent. It is obvious that he still lives back in the time when he wrote anthems for the red dictator Jaruzelski. If he had the least self-respect he should have resigned, along with the government, after the assemblage at Syntagma Square. However, time is close…

In the same spirit was also SYRIZA that fails to realize that their days are over and of course what “annoyed” them was the presence of GOLDEN DAWN! The press release of SYRIZA: “This rally completely failed the expectations of its organizers, who had raised the expectations for the attendants, along with a great number of media…The nationalistic and intolerant message of the speeches along with the presence of Golden Dawn defined the spirit of this rally”.

Sadly for them…we do exist

Sadly for them and they should finally realize it: not only we exist, but we are also accepted and praised by Greek People and the proof for this is the presence of the Parliamentary Group of GOLDEN DAWN in the rally for our Macedonia! Common people for Thessalonica, Veroia, Peloponnese, from heroic Crete and every corner of our Homeland, warmly saluted us. In the meantime, not even a deputy of SYRIZA or PASOK, neither of KKE –of course- dared to participate in this rally and be among the people. 

Few deputies of ND made an appearance, but closely to hotels…No matter what they do, GOLDEN DAWN constitutes a lively and rigorous presence in the political sphere of the country, so they have to accept this fact. Besides, years of persecutions could not bend us. On the other side, obviously this assemblage did not belonged to any political party or side. 

This rally was a national call, where all the patriots, leftists or right accepted it, while the antinationalist –again leftist and right- refused it. The message of this assemblage was clear. Macedonia is only one and is Greek and these politicians have no right to deliver our name, our soul, our History. 

People vowed NO! He clearly uttered that there is no “COMPROMISE FOR OUR MACEDONIA”. Well, they have to respect the message of people, otherwise they will just speed us their political termination. 

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn