The raising of the Flag, the Constitution and the dangerous for the Nation government of Tsipras and Kammenos: Article of N. G. Michaloliakos

Tuesday, 29 August2017 - 14:50

The raising of the Flag, the Constitution and the dangerous for the Nation government of Tsipras and Kammenos: Article of N. G. Michaloliakos

It is obvious that the government of the new left side along with the “patriots” of ANEL aim directly to our National state. It is recent the decision of the minister of Education Mr. Gavroglou, regarding the cancellation of the prayer and the cancellation of the flag-raising and our National Anthem in our schools! 

In the end, the prayer remained, but the flag was cancelled. The prayer of the student remained because its cancellation was considered anti-constitutional, but the cancellation of the flag-raising was not anti-constitutional! It seems that this decision was made for opportunistic reasons, since the cancellation of the raising of the flag is clearly unconstitutional. 


Specifically, at the article 16, par.2 of the Constitution is mentioned that: “The Education is the main duty of the State and aims at moral, spiritual, professional and natural edification of Greeks, to the development of national and religious consciousness and to the creation of free and responsible citizens”. 

According to this article of the Constitution, it is clear that the cancellation of the raising of the flag does not contribute to the development of national consciousness. The most tragic aspect, though, of this situation is the fact that there was no reaction towards this provocation of this government of minority, which rules the country.

It would be tendentious and unrealistic go consider solely Mr. Gavroglou as the responsible for this action. The entire system is accountable and first and foremost Tsipras and Kammenos and the rest of MPs who support the government. As for New Democracy, once again remain neutral and was not engaged that is it becomes government it shall abolish this measure. 


For all those who are familiar with SYRIZA, the minister of Education Gavroglou did not appear from nowhere. He is the man who during 2008, along with 200 members of SYRIZA signed a resolution entitled “NO TO NATIONALISM”, for the possibility of Skopje to keep the name of “Macedonia”. What else could we expect from a conscious communist and anti-nationalist?

Also, Mr. Gavroglou, during his speech at the association of the people whose origin is from Constantinople had declared at 2008: “Regarding Greeks and Constantinople have been created extreme opinions and tales and many truths remain hidden. In this context, I think that the memorial in memory of Konstantinos Palaeologus that takes place every year at 29 of May does not contribute towards a more complicate perspective. The reason is that the memorial does not take for the salvation of the soul of Palaeologus, neither for the memories. Therefore, should we maybe ask ourselves concerning this use of History? Or regarding the aim of the images illustrating Hagia Sofia without the minarets?”

This is Gavroglou who banned the raising of the Flag. It is about the same person that does not want the memorial in honor of Konstantinos Palaeologus and despise the images of Hagia Sofia without the minarets, Hagia Sofia of Greeks…

In the same speech, he also stated the following: “How wonderful would it be, in the history of Hellenism, if the people of the new generation whose ancestors suffered from nationalism, would propagandize the antinationalism. But let us also think, how wonderful it would be in the history of Hellenism, if those who still feel Greeks, would fight for human rights, which are still violated. Not only in Turkey, but also in our country, where there are the Turkish of Western Thrace and also the immigrants.”


This is the government of Tsipras and Kammenos and this is Mr. Gavroglou. They aspire a Greece, where the Flag will not be raised at schools, they aspire a Greece without future, without memory of Konstantinos Palaeologus and memory of Hagia Sofia without the minarets of the conqueror Mohamed. 

This is the antinationalism of SYRIZA, which is supported by the political party of Kammenos. There was also no reaction from the part of N.D. Maybe they ae fine with it. The marxist internationalism after all is not that different from the liberal internationalism of the greedy financial capital. 

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn