The “Persians” will be defeated once again! Article of N. G. Michaloliakos

Tuesday, 2 October 2018 - 21:26

The “Persians” will be defeated once again! Article of N. G. Michaloliakos

From the speech of the Secretary General of Golden Dawn in the ceremony in the Honor and Memory of Thermopylae

Through all the proud Greek men and women, the spirit of Thermopylae rekindles again. For 22 years GOLDEN DAWN is always here while the state is absent. How could they ever honor Leonidas, the Spartans, the Thespians, those traitors that govern our country? 

“I watch this crowded place filled with the Greek flags and the black/red banners of the Greek Nationalists. Coincidentally, when the battle of Thermopylae took place, the cloaks of Spartans and Thespians were red and black. These colors wrote the history of Greece. This is the year of 2018 and we honor Thermopylae in a Greece that is no longer Greece, but a failed state, governed by the cowards and the traitors. 22 years in Thermopylae with Golden Dawn. However, Plataea have not come yet. But you stand here and this is proof that the battle of Plataea shall come and the Persians will be defeated in the end.”

Our own Thermopylae

“And yet this ceremony, this event was included in the accusations against our political party. Among all the “crimes” of Golden Dawn, the event at Thermopylae was a serious crime as well, since according to them the Honor to the Heroes is a crime. They honor only the traitors. Who cannot remember the series of calumniations about the torches in our events? You may light the torches once again, for the honor of the great fallen Heroes, for their flames to rich their souls in Heavens. 

In September of 2013, a great event had taken place here, in Thermopylae. Other events happened as well. Golden Dawn was growing constantly. We were at 18% according to the opinion polls. And back at those days, they arrived with their faces covered in our houses in the night and they brought us to the cells of the counter-terror services. They thought that we would cover our faces, but we pierced them in the eyes and vowed “Hail Victory”. 

Now, September 2018, we still stand here, holding the Greek Flag without bending the knee. No matter what they scheme, they plan, they do, as long as there are Greek patriots I Greece, we will rise. And this fills their soul with fear.’

The modern cowards

“Where are the Thermopylae nowadays? Not only here, but also in Thessalonica, at Vellidion, where proud men, women and children gave their battle vowing about our Macedonia, against a corrupted and sadistic state. They were beaten harshly, but they kept raising the Greek Flag. 

Well, who are our accusers?  Those who have betrayed our country. I do not however, refer only to the government SYRIZA-ANEL, but also to those who aspire to govern the country in the future. Back at the 90s they claimed that the name of Macedonia will be forgotten. They were wrong! 

25 years have passed and 125 years more, Greeks will always remember that Macedonia is only one and is Greek! However, New Democracy has no limits. Kyriakos Mitsotakis recently stated that “the name will be forgotten”. In addition, they dare to accuse Golden Dawn of supporting SYRIZA!”

Really, want to start one by one? August 14 of 2015, the Memorandum. Who voted along with SYRIZA the hideous memorandum? New Democracy! However, Golden Dawn vowed “NO”. What about the construction of an Islamic temple in Athens? New Democracy agreed. GOLDEN DAWN denied. And many other draft legislations, like the anti-racist law and many more…”

Those who sold our Homeland pretend to be patriots! 

“However New Democracy is not the only traitor. We should better not forget the Prespa agreement at the village “Psarades”, where Zachariades and the KKE (the Greek Communist Party) supported the autonomy of Macedonia and Thrace. Those “patriots” dare to talk to us about “patriotism”, the men that literally sold our Homeland! 

Of course, SYRIZA is their authentic continuation, after the division between KKE internal and KKE external. Until then they had the same policy which was identical with the policy of the Comintern, the autonomy of Macedonia and Thrace. However, back then the Nationalists resisted and will still resist, for the freedom of Macedonia and Thrace, against Turkey and Skopje. 

For five whole years, from September of 2013. They constantly fight us but we do not bend the knee. They have excluded us from all the media and they dare to talk about Democracy… “Dear Comrades, you are the heart of our Movement. Be proud. Your presence here today is a badge of honor. Here this day, we do not take part in a political event. We participate in a ceremony. We breathe the spirit of Greece! No one ever bends, if his soul remains proud! Raise the flags, raise the banners! Victory shall come through your Faith!” 

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn