The people in decay need urgently a VISION-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Monday, 28 August2017 - 23:10

The people in decay need urgently a VISION-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos


In the state of Virginia at USA, took place a protest of White Nationalists against the decision of the mayor to destroy the statue of General Lee of the South. Immediately, the infamous antiracists and antifascists made a counter protest and the following conflicts led to the death of a leftist activist. 

Prompted by this incident, the press office of SYRIZA made the following announcement: “The current article of the leftist newspaper Efsyn, according to which one of the protagonists and organizers of the far right attack against antifascists at Charlottesville of USA, with the result the death of a young woman, had been recently welcomed at the office of Golden Dawn in the Greek Parliament, by N. Michaloliakos, is another proof of the neonazi identity and the criminal character of this formation…” .


This is the irrational logic of the bolshevists. Just because someone had visited our office and participated in that assemblage, where one person made a serious offense, GOLDEN DAWN has a…criminal character!!! What the insulters of GOLDEN DAWN omit to say is the fact that apart from the guilty there was no other arrest and there was no accusation of the Nationalist protesters at USA. 

As it is obvious, there is no the “conspiracy of Samaras: in USA, neither perjurers to organize a whole scheme, and SYRIZA should stop pretending to be innocent, since it follows the path of this conspiracy. The hatred of bolshevists of the new left side makes them forget about the human rights and the justice, since they remain the loyal followers of Stalin. 

Finally, if the “criminal character” of GOLDEN DAWN is evident from that incident at Virginia, then what about SYRIZA, where Maduro has murdered the last weeks more than hundred protesters at Venezuela? 


But, let us put aside the incidents at USA, which did not lead to the prison the members of the nationalist organizations, since in USA there was no political conspiracy, contrary to Greece. 

Let us return to all these that take place in our Homeland, which was once again in the plague of fire, where the state was unable to protect   the civilians and their property, yet has spent the last years billions for the notorious refugees and illegal immigrants. Yet, this state left the country with no protection towards the catastrophe, due to the memoranda and the austerity of the international usurers. 

During summer, I spoke with ordinary people and I visited different places of the country. I heard random things. There are people who expect from us a…revolution (!), while they can stay in their home or visit the closer beach. In the meantime, in the leisure centers great amounts of money get wasted in champagne and other luxuries.

The first assumption: the populism triumphs everywhere and the people in major decay wait from some “crazy” to save them! Simultaneously, they keep their negotiations with SYRIZA and Kammenos, who govern currently, or New Democracy, regarding their future and their financial state. 

Others demand from us to…change, to be like everyone else. But of there was this option, would we remain for decades at GOLDEN DAWN? Our people has been turned into a vulgar maze, except for some brave, who are the comrades of GOLDEN DAWN, who stand towards a decayed Greece.


If we fulfilled the demands of most people, who are victims of a well-organized propaganda, of brainwashing, then we would not be comrades of GOLDEN DAWN. 

Yes, we want to take by our side more and more Greek men and women, we want our compatriots to realize that the only solution for the survival of our great Nation lies beyond the ideologies of capitalism and bolshevism, beyond the international financial capital, beyond the antinational ideologies of  the marxists of our dreary era. 

Economists and bankers, communists, “antiracists” and “antifascists”, all of them head together towards the destruction of the Nations and the Homelands. We stand against them all, being the last defenders of Tradition, Race, National Civilization. In any case, our DYTY is to not assimilate with them, to remain loyal to our Values and Principles. 

The emperor-philosopher Marcus Aurelius had wisely written that the best way of resistance is to remain different from the rival. This is the doctrine to our policy.

We should not be the same as everyone else because ONLY in this way we may gain the majority of Greeks, who are negative towards the political establishment. There is no coincidence that in recent European enquiry, only 4% of Greeks trust the political parties and only 6, 5% believe in Media. In our society, an entire people expect a lot from us, but most of all awaits for a VISION, which will inspire our People, the People who have fell in decay and desperation. 

This is a steady march towards the final victory, but the final victory cannot arrive with ephemeral victories, without meaning. In simple words, there is no need for words that please the mob, but for steady ideological and political stances, which shall inspire the people to surpass the cheap logic of personal interest, aiming for a new Greece. 

First and foremost, what matters the most for the future is to not lose our soul for the…votes! 

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn