The operetta of the government of Samaras - Venizelos - The message of N.G. Michaloliakos

Monday, 4 August 2014 - 19:00

The operetta of the government of Samaras - Venizelos - The message of N.G. Michaloliakos

The Mysteries of Paris and the Memorandum

Did you learn the news? Every day the Prime Minister Mr. Samaras along with Mr. Venizelos tear a page from the memorandum! The memorandum ends, they say the mouthpieces of the coalition of PASOK-ND and they think is left at least one sane person who believes them.

In this ambiance, then, of this mendacity, came the shocking news that the next negotiation with the troika will not take place in Athens, but in Paris. For what reason? It writes it the newspaper of memorandum "Kathimerini": "The initiative to change the model and place of negotiations belongs to the Prime Minister Mr. Antonis Samaras, who pushed in the directions of Brussels and Berlin to find a solution with the aim of de-dramatization, as they had direct negative impact to the economic and political climate in Athens." Newspaper "Kathimerini" said it all in the passage that we quoted.

 Instead of Athens in Paris then, in a meaningless battle of ratings. As for the word "dramatization" it says all. Only drama is going on in regard of the Greek people and for operetta in regard of coalition of the government PASOK - ND.

They believe that conducting the negotiations based always the Memorandum in Paris instead of Athens that this they will convince the Greek people that the memorandum is over!

This action of Antonis Samaras and his initiative cannot remind us the great teacher of demagogy Andreas Papandreou who continuously evicted the foundations of death but the foundations remained. On the merits, the memorandum, as there will be this sad minority government, will stand there and as for the myth about success story development, etc., etc., I do not think that even they who with profit in mind reproduce them, believe them.

At this point to emphasize the great support that the government of Samaras - Venizelos has by the pimps of the channels and of newspapers the support it by any means. The country is collapsing, sinking more and more in crisis and they tell us that everything is going well and things will be fixed.

Within this context of the antinational policy certainly includes the political persecution of the Golden Dawn, the imprisonment for the first time in Greek history of MPs with abstract and unproven accusations.

In early September we will have therefore the troupe of Samaras - Venizelos, the first show in Paris, the performance of the play "The Memorandum leaves." A performance which in my opinion will be the first election fiesta of partners of the coalition. Whatever they do the end of the minority government and the vindication of the Golden Dawn are coming.