The Nationalists, SYRIZA and New Democracy: With whom partners at last Golden Dawn? Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Wednesday, 12 July2017 - 01:08

The Nationalists, SYRIZA and New Democracy: With whom partners at last Golden Dawn? Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Once again GOLDEN DAWN became the center of attention in the conflict between New Democracy and SYRIZA. This time, SYRIZA blames New Democracy of collaborating underground with GOLDEN DAWN, similarly when in the past New Democracy used to claim that GOLDEN DAWN is allied with SYRIZA! This is an unsubtle propaganda which is addressed to idiots, a kind that exists among the people. 

Yet, before I refer to this issue, I would like to mention another affair, a national affair, which of course is not the concern of our governors, since they only care about their petty political conflicts. 

The influence of Turkey at Balkans

The newspaper “Guardian” referred with an article to the return of the Ottomans at Balkans and mentioned Bosnia, where two Turkish universities are founded and the muslims of this area present over time a Turkish consciousness. Apart from this article, there was also the statement in the German newspaper Die Welt of the minister of defense of Austria Hans Peter Doskozil, who spoke about the islamization of Balkans, making clear that the influence of E.U. in the area is constantly reduced, while on the contrary the influence of Turkey and Saudi Arabia is augmented. And while everyone in Europe observes this situation, the only blind are the people involved in the political and economic establishment of our country, who collaborate harmoniously with the Turkish and they are not concerned about not just the Islamic, but the Turkish influence that surrounds Greece! 

In the West there is Albania, which serves the Turkish interests with the blessings of USA. Albania now controls through the Albanian political parties the state of Skopje and Kosovo. And on the north there is Bosnia, the Bosnia of muslims with an ambiance of anti-Hellenism. Yet, this issue will not occupy nor the Parliament, neither the media. They are concerned about other affairs…

The return of the political zombies and the corruption

The commission of PASOK was sincerely extraordinary, since we had the chance to watch the return of numerous political zombies. The newspaper “VIMA TIS KYRIAKIS”, following the path of corruption, at Sunday July 2 of 2017 presented a front page with the title: “THE CENTER-RIGHT AWAKES!”.

In that commission, next to Fofi Gennimmata, the chairperson of PASOK, was Konstantinos Simitis, the man responsible for the catastrophe of our country and of course George Papandreou was also there, whose presence provoked applauses and cries: “Papandreou, Papandreou”! The only missing were Papantoniou, Tsohatzopoulos, Mantelis, Tsoukatos and of course numerous former MPs and ministers of PASOK, who now belong to SYRIZA.

Their plan is obvious: no self-reliant political party and PASOK as the regulator. If they think that with Simitis and Papandreou they will be again a governing party then honestly they are clueless…

GOLDEN DAWN faithful to its Principles

But let us return to our subject and recall 2014, when through prison GOLDEN DAWN overturned the government of Samaras. Back then we were partners of…SYRIZA! Afterwards, there was the government of SYRIZA, where the repressions, the exclusions and the persecutions against GOLDEN DAWN continues, similarly with New Democracy. Now, because we are the real opposition against SYRIZA, a government adhered to memoranda –and we were the real opposition in the past towards the government ND-PASOK-well,  SYRIZA accuses us of being partners of…New Democracy!

What SYRIZA and New Democracy cannot understand is that GOLDEN DAWN has its own policy, away from underground agreements and despite the fact that this political party is targeted by an entire sinful regime, we steadily and consistently follow our path, by being Steadily the national opposition in this country. 

GOLDEN DAWN remains consistent to its Ideals and Principles. Golden Dawn has no relation nor with the liberals, neither with the marxists, whose main concern is the selling out of our Homeland, piece by piece. 

GOLDEN DAWN is the Popular Nationalistic Movement that withstood the crude attacks of the media for years, persecutions, assassinations, banishments. Finally, regarding the so-called “partnerships”, those with mind and judgement can understand that these claims are nothing more than a never-ending hideous propaganda. 

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn