The misfortune of being a communist in the era of plutocracy-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Tuesday, 17 October2017 - 00:40

The misfortune of being a communist in the era of plutocracy-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

“Bleak, slave, sorrow Greece
You are cursed, Homeland!
Before get wound, disease,
Like the leprosy,
Burn her, turn her to ashes.”


This text is written at Sunday, October 8 of 2017 and tomorrow, at Monday 9 of 2017 the draft law of the ministry of Justice is going to be discussed in the Greek Parliament, which gives the chance to the citizen to define himself his gender, regardless of being born male or female! 

How did we reach that point? Of course, few years ago, this would be outrageous and unthinkable! The modern Bolshevists of SYRIZA are excellent tacticians. They utilize a famous communist method, according to which they gradually reach their goal. 

“We shall destroy, an institution each time…”

An illustrating example of this tactic is the way in which Hungary became a communist country. At 1945 the communists in this country did not surpass 2000 people, yet at 1949 they governed Hungary! This tactic was ponce analyzed at 1952 by their leader Rakosi, who had uttered the above: 

“If we attempt a front attack in order to exterminate our rivals and succeed in our causes what will happen? Simply, our enemies will be united against us…So, which is the best tactic? To evade the front attack and work on the gradual extermination of our adversaries, so will vanish them all. But not altogether. We will completely devastate the urban state. We shall destroy it, an institution each time, devastating one by one its defenders…”

So, let us realize that before we reach to this outrageous legislation, which literary devastates the foundation of the Nation, the sacred institution of family, there was the burning of our Flag, the banishment of the raising of the Greek Flag at schools, the misinterpreting and devastation of our national History…There were too many blows on our National Ideas in order to reach the point where our society is depraved an devastated. 

It is evident that our bankruptcy is not only economical, but first of all moral, political and social. 

The “fellows” are tragic persons

What are the aspirations of the “fellow communists” with this legislation? In this draft law of the ministry of Justice is clearly stated that:” As gender identity is considered the internal and personal way in which the person himself experiences his gender, regardless of the gender at his birth, according to his biological traits”!!!

What do they aspire with this extremely provocative measure, which aims at the notion of the Greek society? Do they want to bring to life the open society of their benefactor George Soros? Do they want to bring another kind of bolshevism, due to the notorious globalization?

Unfortunately for them, things are not that simple, since the “fellows” remain communists in the years of a cruel and inevitable capitalism, a fact that makes them tragic… And their sorrow is even worse, since they govern this country, a paradox and a particularity in the entire Europe! 

Well, it seems that the “fellow communists” have no problems, since the upcoming days Alexis Tsipras is going to travel at the Mecca of capitalism, since from an admirer of Che Guevara, Mao Zedong and Fidel Castro, he will be the guest of Donald Trump. I remind you that the youth of his party had made a protest against Donald Trump!!! Of course, they had no problems instead of ripping the memoranda, to follow a capitalists and anti-popular policy.

A National Fight first of all 

All these make no impression to us, the Nationalists, since we know very well that the marxism and the capitalism are the two sides of the same coin.

Like the Italian philosopher Giulio Evola has written: “An economic era is basically an anti-hierarchic era, representing the turnover of the natural order…This subversive character exist in marxism and in its “rival” modern capitalism…Both of these systems are relied in the material perspective of life.”

The Nationalism, as an Idea and Faith expresses a perspective of life according to which the matter is surrendered to the spirit and the economy to the politics and Idea. So the Nationalism is opposed to the monstrous experiments of marxism, which devastate the people, but also is opposed to the liberalism, where the poor get poorer and the rich, richer. 

In any case, the draft low for the change of sex is an ordeal, which shall test people, incidents and institutions, an ordeal that illustrates the degeneration of our Nation. According to the poet “You are cursed, Homeland”! And if our Nation is still alive it must turn this curse to ashes! Sadly, all these take place in in a Nation enslaved, since the slavery does not only mean the military occupation, but it also means the debt, the rate interests, the dead end of our Homeland, because of the socialists, the liberals and the marxists. 

The words of Ioannis Kapodistrias, at 1828, when our country had also leans back then, are no coincidental: “The public sector is burdened with 2.000.000 pound debt, the same amount of money demand the military, our land is mortgaged at Englishmen, well should free our Homeland, like we did against Reşid Mehmed Paşa and İbrahim Paşa.”

Same goes today, our Nation is under the slavery of money, in tyranny but it must resist. This is why the Fight of Nationalists against this slavery is not a Political Fight, is a National Fight, first of all.

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn