The misery of “rationalism” and the Nationalists - Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Wednesday, 10 April 2019 - 15:58

The misery of “rationalism” and the Nationalists - Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

My message to the youth, who is the future of GOLDEN DAWN, the future of the national struggle, is that they should release themselves form the misery of “rationalism” of this rotten political system. Never listen to those who claim that the ideological fights lead to nowhere. Never listen to those who claim that nothing can change. One of our old slogans was the following: “No tomorrow is same as today-Fight with us to achieve better”. No one knows what comes with the future. If someone at 2009, when our rates were at 0, 3%, had claimed that in three years we would be at 7% in the Greek Parliament, everyone would have considered him a madman. Well, the members of Golden Dawn are mad and we succeed in this and we are about to succeed in even more in the Future, deo volente. 

“No one believed in us”

Indeed, back when we started our battle in the lines of GOLDEN DAWN, no one from all those who identify as “patriots” –who now adhere to the bourgeoisie and New Democracy- believed in us. Unfortunately, same goes for many selfless fighters of GOLDEN DAWN who gave their best to our battle but could not last in time. 

From the very beginning of our fight till today many years have passed, years filled with never ending conflicts, persecutions, exclusions and calumniations but also filled with wonderful fights for Ideals, not for personal interests! 

At the year 1992, during the 2nd Summit, GOLDEN DAWN commenced her own political fight. It is common knowledge that nowadays in the center of the political sphere lies the economic crisis. Well, GOLDEN DAWN being ideologically and politically innovative had stressed that the notion of capital as gold, banknotes, shares etc. is a false and deceitful notion that has nothing to do with real economy. And this reference was no coincidental, since back at these times the SOVIET UNION had collapsed and the wave of globalism began its expansion throughout the world. 

The great Russian author, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, commenting on the struggle of Russia to reinvent itself after bolshevism, wrote this inspirational quote: “We should not let the profit turn into a social plague”. Unfortunately, he was proved to be right and the profit became the plague of our society and the tyranny of money has been expanded worldwide, destroying the civilization, destroying the human being. 

“When hundreds of thousands Greeks passed the red lines of the regime”

At October of 2012, prompted by the fourth publication of my book “FOR A GREAT GREECE IN A FREE EUROPE”, I wrote a brief prologue where I noted that our victory at May and June of 2012, when GOLDEN DAWN entered the Greek Parliament, was a shock towards the political and economic establishment of this Country, which controlled and still does the mass media, meaning the newspapers, the television and radio stations and all those who personally battle GOLDEN DAWN. However, back then hundreds of thousands Greeks passed the red lines of this regime and joined us. I ended this prologue noting that the economic crisis would aggravate in the future years and that this crisis is more political and moral than economic. When I was writing these lines, the rates of GOLDEN DAWN according to the opinion polls were at 12%-15%. 

None of the “notable people” of this country, the rodents that feed themselves from our Fatherland, ever forgave us for this success. And our success was unstoppable, proven by our assemblage in the memory of Imia at 2013, the most massive National assemblage since the political changeover at 1974. And this assemblage raised the alarm to the rotten political regime of Greece.

In the following months GOLDEN DAWN was constantly on the front page of media. It was literally a nationalistic upsurge. The official opinion polls presented Golden Dawn at 15% and the unofficial polls at 18%. During their interventions at television, both SYRIZA and NEW Democracy politicians vowed for ways to stop Golden Dawn, which was according to them a “criminal organization”. So, an entire political conspiracy was staged and at September of 2013 I had cuffs at my hands.  

“The TV screens as our guillotines” 

The operation “shock and awe” against GOLDEN DAWN was on full swing. The TV screens were our “guillotines”, by illegally presenting us with cuffs on our hands, in order to frighten and terrorize the Greek People, the common people, the youth, the workers, the farmers, the unemployed, the policemen and the military men, in order to send the message “stay away from GOLDEN DAWN otherwise…”

From these times till this day five years have passed, with 18 months in jail, with several months under house arrest, with exclusions and persecutions. Well they did not bend us, they never bend our people. And our people still believe in our will, our persistence, our loyalty to our Ideals. Our people still respect our courage to not kneel before their monstrous power, before a monster made of clay, soulless and consisted of people without conscience but with numerous personal interests. 

Against them all, being loyal to our Honored National Flag and the scarlet banners of the Popular Nationalistic Movement we continue to fight for a Great Greece, against a foreign occupation, which sells away our Fatherland, our Ideals and Ideas, our History and the spirit of our People. We continue to fight for the fall of this foreign occupation and the final rise of Eternal Hellenism. 

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn