The “military government” of the Hero of 1821 Nikitaras- Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Thursday, 21 June 2018 - 14:24

The “military government” of the Hero of 1821 Nikitaras- Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Article of the Secretary General of Golden Dawn, to the national newspaper “Empros”

“What then? Will you allow us
to struggle and become freed?
Or will you disavow us
due to politicians' need?”


At 1838 Theodoros Kolokotronis spoke at Pnyka to the students of Athens. Through his inspiring words, we understand the spirit of those who made great deeds at 1821: “When we decided to wage the Revolution, we never thought of our numbers, of our arms, of the Turks holding the castles and the towns. Not even a prudent man vowed “how come you wage a war with broken ships”. On the contrary, like a storm, we all craved for freedom, the pastors, the landlords, the captains, the tutors, the merchants, the little and the big, we all agreed for this cause, so we started the Revolution”.

However, the politicians and the leftist media say other thing about the 25th of March. They claim that the Heroes of 1821 fought for…democracy! At last, some people need to understand that the fight for the Nation stand above any other political preference, above any view about the regime of the country. Are they sure that Kolokotronis, Karaiskakis or Markos Mpotsaris would spilt their blood have they knew that this modern parliament would rule this country? 

A distinctive example of History for the above is the following: At November of 1823 when the civil war prevailed at Greece, Nikitaras in a conversation with the politician Andreas Lontos had said: “For God’s sake, shall you not reconcile, we, the militaries, will have to make a military government. We cannot stand any longer you disagreement, you will ruin Greece”.

In the end, there was never a “military government”. On the contrary the politicians used the loans of Greece in order to pay some people to slaughter other people…As for Nikitaras, who had these “fascist views” about a “military government” was awarded well by the “democracy”.

This hero, this brave warrior, died poor in sorrow and grief, while they had also imprisoned him of …conspiracy! However, they could never take away from him one thing: the glory at Dervenakia, at Doliana, at all those battles, where he showed his presence with his blood!