The message of the Leader of the Golden Dawn in the ceremony of Honor and Remembrance at Thermopylae

Sunday, 27 July 2014 - 19:00

The message of the Leader of the Golden Dawn in the ceremony of Honor and Remembrance at Thermopylae

The Leader of the Golden Dawn, Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos sent through the cells of Honor his message in the ceremony of Honor at Thermopylae.

"Dear members of the Golden Dawn,


For 25 years our movement, the People's Nationalist Movement, the Golden Dawn, in this hallowed from the Sacrifice of the Great Dead place, organizing a ceremony site. A ceremony of Honor and Remembrance. For 25 years I have had the honor to be present at this ceremony.

This year, however, an anti-national regime does not allow me my physical presence in that place, it did not allow me to be among you. I am in prison, unjustly, illegally, without evidence, without any proof. In fact we do not pay for any crime. We pay that we dared in a rotten state, in a corrupt state, to remain standing, to remain Greeks to express the anger and right of the average Greek citizen against what is happening and planned against him.


In just this one sacred place some 2494 years before a select 300 Spartans and 700 Thespians led by Leonidas and Dimofilus shed their blood. Really, the customary state of our days, the state of slaves how does it honor these deads?

Does it come any military contingent to yield values ​​at Thermopylae? NO! Nothing, oblivion! And the Golden Dawn is coming? It is considered by the so-called politically correct establishment, "crime" and they have put even within the file our ceremonies to honor the dead of Thermopylae. We Honored Leonidas and his 300, the Dimofilus and the 700 Thespians, if we honored Ephialtes not only would we not be in prison, but maybe we would be special, honored by the traitorous establishment.

Members of the Golden Dawn,


This concentration of Honor and Memory, is not political, not a political gathering. It is a Mystagogy, here we honor Greece, our Fatherland, the history of our great Nation.

I greet all of you, despite persecution, despite the climate of persecution, despite the lies, you are present today at Thermopylae to prove that the Golden Dawn is not over. The Golden Dawn is not ending. As there will be Greece, there will be Golden Dawn. And all of you from where you are, and we all of the cells of Honor, where we are, we keep “small Thermopylae”, and they must know that we will keep it until the end.

As you know, with a political cabal they imprisoned me and my comrades MPs who are in prison, but also ordinary fighters of the Movement.

In a prosecution of morale because we are nationalists, because we remain free and incompatible.

I am in a cell, but my enemies could only imprison my body. My soul is free and is beside you, comrades, in this sacred moment. So, like every year I honor with you the memory of the Great Dead and I urge you to continue the fight, because the fight is the Honor to the dead and nothing else. I salute you all and I invite you to the good Struggle.

Long live the Nation

Long live the Golden Dawn»